What Should I Look For In An Industrial Vacuum Cleaner? Part 2

March 25, 2021

Investing in a big, industrial vacuum cleaner requires a little research, so here we’re going to give you a few more things you should look for in an industrial vacuum cleaner.

In Part 1, we talked a bit about an industrial vacuum cleaner’s power and versatility. In Part 2, we’ll talk a bit about really tailoring your industrial vacuum cleaner to your own needs, the range of accessories you might need, and how easy it is to get spare parts when you’ve can’t afford too much downtime to get your cleaning done.

Custom options

You might be looking for a vacuum cleaner because there’s a specific job you need to do.

Not all industrial vacuum cleaners can be customised to your exact requirements. For example, different drum sizes might be available to cater to your specific need, such as an extra-large one to save having to empty your cleaner every 10 minutes as it fills up.

Other considerations might include how you want to empty it when it’s full – a full industrial vacuum cleaner is usually a heavy one, so think about the best way to empty it for you and your staff.

All of the Big Brutes in our range can be customised and tailored for your exact requirements, whether you need a 230V or 110V power unit, need front-mounted floor brushes or squeegees, or need specific ways of emptying them. Or even if you just want them painted in your company colours!


On a similar note, does the vacuum you have in mind have a compatible range of accessories?

You may only want to perform one job cleaning a floor today – but what about an extra long hose and a roof gutter kit to get up to roofing gutters next week?

Whether you want to upgrade your existing Big Brute vacuum cleaner with a front-mounted floor brush, or buy dedicated cleaning toolkits for cleaning every square inch of your building from top-to-bottom, we’ve a huge range of Big Brute accessories that can help.

Spares availability

If you accidentally break something, how easy is it to get hold of spare parts?

Being able to obtain spare parts easily and quickly may be vital to keeping your business operations working.

If you can’t clean your work environment for a prolonged period whilst waiting for spare parts to arrive from overseas, productivity and revenues may well suffer as a result.

Time is of the essence and the UK based manufacturer of parts with availability to ship on the same day should be key in your purchasing decision.

We have plentiful stock of many Big Brute spare parts ready for quick dispatch. For more specialised parts, we design and make them ourselves, so you won’t be stuck waiting for the next container from Italy or China to turn up.

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