Clean swarf, oils and coolants from in and around industrial machinery with the Big Brutes

Whether you’re making small, precision-engineered components or milling presses to make car panels, your machinery produces a lot of oily swarf that has to be removed.

The Big Brute Swarfman was designed specially for vacuuming up the swarf, oils and coolants that need to be removed from your machinery, filtering out larger lumps for easy disposal.

The Big Brute Wet & Dry range will also not only cope with oily swarf (or swarfy oil) but can turn their hands to general cleaning of dust, dirt and grit around your workshops.

If you need to recover large quantities of oils or coolants, the Big Brute SOS Oil Vac does this quickly and easily. Four stages of filtration remove swarf and fines, pumping our your clean coolants for reuse or recycling.

Whatever industrial machinery you have, we’ve got a Big Brute that can help.


The Big Brute SOS Oil Vac makes recovering oils and coolants quick and simple.

It filters out the swarf and fines leaving just the oil or coolant. Pump it out into your own containers for re-use or recycling.

Recover oils from machinery, sumps and bunds with the Big Brute Wet & Dry.

Add a Big Brute Interceptor Lid to recover oils into your own drums to seal up for recycling or disposal.

The Big Brute Wet & Dry with an Interceptor Lid fits any open-topped drum.

Suck up oils and coolants, along with the swarf and sludge, directly into your own drums for recycling or storage.