What Should I Look For In An Industrial Vacuum Cleaner? Part 3

April 13, 2021

There are many different types of industrial vacuum cleaners out there, and each one can have many options and accessories. So it pays to do bit of research before settling on an industrial vacuum cleaner to satisfy yourself it’s going to save you time, effort and money.

In Part 1, we talked a bit about an industrial vacuum cleaner’s power and versatility. In Part 2, we looked at really tailoring your industrial vacuum cleaner to your own needs, along with the spares and accessories. In this latest instalment, we’ll have a look at how easy an industrial vacuum cleaner is to use, how well it’s made and the importance of having knowledgeable sales staff to guide you through the buying process.

Ease of use

Some industrial vacuum cleaners are too complex for their own good. For instance, some vacuum drums can be difficult and time-consuming to empty, wasting time for operatives. You don’t want a vacuum cleaning machine which needs 2 or 3 people simply to empty the drum.

Big Brute industrial vacuum cleaners are built with simplicity in mind. With just the essentials, they’re much more straightforward to use and don’t have extra fiddly parts to go wrong and need replacing.

Build quality

It might be important for you to know how and where your intended industrial vacuum cleaner is built.

Some industrial vacuum cleaner machines are assembled from a mish mash of different (and often cheap) parts made from inferior materials and sourced from multiple countries.

While that may not be an issue in the short term, it can be a nightmare when one of these components goes wrong.

For real quality – that will last – look for a vacuum cleaner that’s built in the UK from top quality manufactured parts and materials.

All our Big Brute industrial vacuum cleaners are designed and made in Britain in our factory just outside Cambridge. We source most of our materials from British suppliers. This way, we know every nut, bolt, washer and wire that goes into making a Big Brute so we can support it for decades to come. This helps save money in the long run, with all parts being replaceable. We strongly believe in this serviceability, in fact we even have an article dedicated to mending your Big Brute’s hose!

As one of our happy customers once told us about their Big Brute: “It reminds me of a Land Rover, solid British engineering – love it.”

Sales support

If you don’t know quite what you want, choosing an industrial vacuum cleaner can be a minefield.

Look to source your industrial vacuum cleaner from a manufacturer that has sales people available in your time zone to help assess your clean up requirements, and who can recommend the right model and options to deal with your current and future needs.

Understandably you will have lots of questions, so saving yourself time and money speaking to experienced and knowledgeable staff can really make a difference to your buying experience.

When you phone us for help and advice in choosing your new Big Brute, you reach our sales advisors based in our offices outside Cambridge, or in their own homes around the UK, who know just what to ask you to understand your cleaning needs and recommend the right Big Brute and tools for you.

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