Easy Empty Bag

£106.00 + VAT

Empty heavy waste out of your Big Brute if it has an Easy Empty Lift-Out Spigot drum option.

Use your forklift or telehandler to lift out heavy waste from the Big Brute drum and empty it out. A budget-friendly option that’s ideal for free-flowing material.


Empty heavy waste quickly and safely with your forklift. A budget-friendly way to empty your Big Brute without heavy lifting.

Made from strong Nyplex sheeting, the re-usable Easy Empty Lift-Out Bag lets you fill your Big Brute and then hoist the waste out easily with your forklift.

Simply untie the end to empty it out.

Ideal for free-flowing material such as pellets or grain.

Rated to 150kg.

Note: The Easy-Empty Lift-Out Bag is compatible only with Big Brutes that have the Easy Empty Lift-Out Spigot drum option. It is not compatible with the Big Brute Economy Vacs.