Marstons PLC and Big Brute – Two Great English Products

November 14, 2012

The Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners from Michael Williams Engineering Ltd, have come to the aid Marston’s PLC.

Marston’s PLC is a leading UK independent brewer and pub operator, well known for its Pedigree Ale, Burton Bitter and Oyster Stout.

Their distribution network, Marston’s Logistics, has a number of warehouses supplying around 6,000 Marston’s pubs and clubs across England and Wales with drink and consumable goods.

Dust and debris was being brought into their warehouses on delivery trucks and forklifts. With the high level of activity, it was soon carried around the warehouses.

Sweeping the floors with a broom was not an option for David Russell, the Health and Safety and Compliance Manager of Marston’s Logistics, as this just pushes fine dust into the air and around the warehouses.

“What we were looking for was something that would suck up the dust not only from the floor areas but from the racking and walls,” David told us. “We discovered the Big Brute online and after viewing the web demonstrations, we contacted the sales team to discuss our application in more detail and demonstration was scheduled”.

David and his colleagues selected the Big Brute Warehouseman for four of their distribution warehouses.

The Big Brute Warehouseman has a 710mm wide front mounted floor brush which cleans floors at a brisk walking pace.

The Big Brute Warehouseman makes it easy to quickly clean even the largest and uneven of floor areas.

The Warehouseman front brush clips up out of the way to attach long suction hoses and hand-held cleaning tools for when you want to clean under racking, shelving or up walls.

The Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are designed and manufactured near Cambridge, UK.

Michael Williams Engineering Ltd is also proud to offer a bespoke service including painting the Big Brutes in a customer’s company colours. Marston’s PLC requested their Big Brutes in black with the Marston’s logo on the front which meant that the Big Brutes not only performed but looked the part as well.

David Russell added: “We’re very pleased with our Big Brutes and will be looking to add more to the other Marston’s warehouses in the future.”

“It’s great to have something manufactured in England, like our beer.”

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Marstons' Big Brutes in the Marston Company Colours and Decals