What do you want to suck up?

Have a think about what's currently all over your floors. We've a range of different types of Big Brutes that will tackle different types of waste.

Big Brutes for Dry Waste

If you're looking to suck up dry waste, such as dust, grit, small lumps, dry sand, grain, pellets or granules, have a look at the extensive range of Dry Big Brutes.

Big Brutes for Wet and Dry Waste

If you want to clean up dry waste, but also want your Big Brute to tackle wet waste, such as water, coolants or sludge, the Wet & Dry range of Big Brutes are excellent all-rounders.

Big Brutes for Liquid Waste Only

If you're just looking to clean up liquid waste, our Wet Only Big Brute range is for you. Ideal for water and sludge removal or recovering oils and coolants for recycling.

What's your Industry?

Browse our Big Brutes below and see which models are most popular in different industries.

If you need any guidance, get in touch with our Big Brute team.

Woodworking and Joinery

The HSE recommend an industrial vacuum cleaner for sucking up wood waste, such as sawdust, shavings and lumps of wood. With HEPA filtration for extra safety, there's a Big Brute model ideal for you.

Farming and Agriculture

Big Brutes were originally made for farmers and agricultural cleaning. They're at home cleaning a grain store from the bottom of your grain pits up to the tops of elevators, or bulk handling tonnes of grain with ease.

Whether you want to do some general cleaning, or shift tonnes of grain from grain bins, there's a Big Brute that'll tackle it.

Construction and Renovation

Whether you're cleaning up dust and grit as you go, or want a final, thorough clean-down before handing off, there's a Big Brute that will handle construction cleaning. From new commercial builds to renovating ancient castles.

Warehousing and Distribution

Keeping a large warehouse floor clean is an endless task. The Big Brute Warehouseman and its toolkits make this quick and easy, without stirring all that horrible fine dust up into the air.

Potato Processing and Packing

Potatoes bring their own special kind of dirt in - as the soil on them dries, it forms the finest of dusts that settles on everyone and everything. Keep your potato processing and packing lines clean with a Big Brute.

Animal Feed Processing

Big Brutes have been keeping animal feed processing mills and plants clean for decades. Whether you want to thoroughly clean down your processing lines between batches or bulk-handle tonnes of grain or pellets, there's a Big Brute for you.

Other Industries

We've been making and selling Big Brutes around the world and into all kinds of industries for decades. Chances are someone in your industry is already using a Big Brute.

What do you want to use a Big Brute for?

Do you have a particular application in mind that you want to use your Big Brute for?

See some of the more common Big Brute applications.

Recover liquids for recycling

Recover liquids for reprocessing, recycling or disposal. There are many ways to suck up liquids and then store them in your own drums.

Warehouse Floors

If you've got a large warehouse floor to keep clean, ditch the broom and get behind a Big Brute Warehouseman. Cleans large floors quickly without stirring up dust into the air.

Wet Floors, Gullies and Drains

There's a range of Big Brute that will handle water and sludge from wet floors, gullies and drains. You can even add on a Big Brute Gutter Cleaning Kit to clean muck and sludge out of gutters safely from the ground,

Rubble, Dust and Grit

Big Brutes can handle dust, grit and even small lumps of rubble, whilst being tough enough to withstand the knocks and bashing they're going to get in the process. Ditch the broom - it doesn't work anyway, and get yourself a Big Brute.

Industrial Machinery

Clean in and around CNC machinery, get rid of all that swarf, or even suck up coolants and oils for recycling or disposal. There's a Big Brute that will do these.

Flood Water and Standing Water

We're not talking the occasional puddle or spill (although there are Big Brutes for that) - we're talking knee-deep flood water in the cellar or basement, or even in the living room. Out ultra-specialised Big Brutes will pump out flood water or standing water quickly and help you clean up all that silt and sludge afterwards.

Grain Stores

Did you know that Big Brutes were originally designed to tackle grain store cleaning? Now our range will not only clean your grain store from the bottom of the deepest grain pits to the tops of your augers and elevators, but will shift tonnes of grain quickly and easily.

Other Applications

We've been making and selling Big Brutes around the world for decades. Chances are, someone's using a Big Brute for the same thing you're thinking of using it for.
We can only cover a fraction of the possible applications here, so why not find out if a Big Brute is the right for your problem?