Cleaning up Animal Feed Processing Plants

Big Brutes for cleaning in animal feed processing plants.

Animal feed processing is a day-and-night industry.

You can’t afford to lose production time to shut the lines down for cleaning. So with a Big Brute, you can make sure your cleaning is done quickly.

But remember – Big Brutes aren’t just useful for cleaning up. We’ve many Big Brutes that make bulk handling of free-flowing materials, such as grain and pellets, a breeze.

Ideal for bulk recovery of spills or emptying bins or hoppers.


Big Brutes we recommend for Animal Feed Processing Plants

Big Brutes provide such tremendous cleaning power that our customers repeatedly tell us how much more quickly they can clean up. And with a processing plant, you can’t afford to lose too much time to stop everything for a deep clean.

Big Brutes, with their enormous suction power and big capacity, help you clean up far more quickly and with far less hassle. Get your cleaning done in a fraction of the time, getting your processing lines back up and running again.

The Big Brutes also have many different ways to empty them using your forklifts. This makes cleaning not only faster, but safer for your staff as there’s no manual handling involved.

Sometimes you need to deal with large quantities of materials – and the Big Brutes have a range of machines just for that. Our range of bottom-emptying Big Brutes let you suck up huge quantities of free-flowing material, such as grain or pellets. Raise the Big Brute over your discharge point with your forklift and quickly dump the material out of the bottom.

We’ve heard of Big Brutes coming to rescue when grain of one type’s been accidentally dumped on another, allowing our users to recover the grain quickly and minimise cross-contamination. We’ve also heard of our Big Brutes coming to the rescue to recover large spills.

Watch the Big Brutes Cleaning Grain and Pellets In and Around Animal Feed Plants

Big Brute Warehouseman Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for cleaning warehouse floors

Clean large floor areas quickly and without stirring up all that fine dust into the air with the Big Brute Warehouseman.

Wet & Dry versions with a front-mounted squeegee are also available.

Grain Store Cleaning with a Big Brute Warehouseman

The Big Brute Warehouseman is happy cleaning up in and around grain stores and animal feed plants, tackling all that fine dust, dirt, grit and big lumps.

Its long hoses and powerful suction means you can snake into the corners and around the whole plant without having to drag your Big Brute round with you.

Recover and decant bulk materials with the Big Brute Suck & Dump Static

The Suck & Dump Static is ideal for handling larger quantities of free-flowing materials, such as grain or pellets.

Its ideal for use where you don’t have forklift access but want to suck up and bag grain or pellets for disposal or re-introducing to your processing.

Case Study - HST Feeds Ltd of Crewe

HST Feeds Ltd of Crewe have had many Big Brutes over the years.

See how the Big Brute Skip Tips have helped keep their animal processing plant clean.

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