What Should I Look For In An Industrial Vacuum Cleaner? Part 1

March 8, 2021

If you run a farm, workshop, factory, warehouse, distribution hub, metal-working workshop, construction site – or, indeed, any industry –  it’s very likely that at some point you’ll have a bit of a mess that needs cleaning up.

Or possibly quite a large mess.

Either way whatever the nature of your cleaning up job, if you’re going to invest in an industrial vacuum cleaner to make light work of it, it’s best that you know what to look for.

Everyone automatically thinks of ‘suction power’ when they think of vacuum cleaners. Power matters, but it’s not the only thing.

Other factors such as ‘blowing power’ and dealing with both wet and dry waste are also really important. Plus, if you’ve got a large area to cover, you’ll need to think about how often you’re going to need to empty the drum. Nobody wants to have to stop every 5 minutes to do this, and it needs to be a quick and easy process in any case.

Finally think about “where” you’re going to have to clean. For instance do you want to reach up to roof gutters, deep into storage tanks and silos or into dark and distant corners? To do this you’ll need not only long hoses and powerful suction, but also a range of attachments and optional add-ons.

Making the right choice of industrial vacuum cleaner now will pay you in the future, because getting it right could mean you’ll be using the same trusty and reliable machine decades from now.

We’ll be looking at a couple of things to think about in this article, but watch out for further pointers, as there’s a lot to consider.

Power Matters!

The first feature that most people think about when looking for an industrial vacuum cleaner is suction power.

To pick up sizeable chunks of debris as well as dust and dirt, or to deliver suction through hoses several meters in length, you’ll need a very powerful vacuum cleaner.

Quality of motor matters here too, because the more powerful, the better made it needs to be to avoid burning out. So check your motor specifications carefully.

All our Big Brute power units have three 1.2kW motors giving you 3.6kW of suction power in total. And you can harness that suction power and convert it into blowing power with our optional Big Brute Suck & Blow power unit.


Think about what you might want to do with your industrial vacuum cleaner beyond your immediate cleaning job.

So before you purchase your cleaner, ask yourself:

  • Do I need a machine that will blow as well as suck?
  • Will I ever need to clean up wet waste as well as dry waste?
  • What areas will I need to clean?
  • What kind of waste material might we need to clean up in future?

A little thought up front can save you a lot of bother in the future by getting the right specification and tailoring your industrial vacuum cleaner to your exact needs.

All of our Big Brute models have many different options that you can configure at the time of purchase. You can play around with these specifications on our website, or, if you need advice at anay time, call our knowledgeable sales advisors who will be happy to help.

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