Cleaning up Engineering Workshops with a Big Brute

Engineering covers a huge number of different industries. But like all industries, they make a mess.

If your engineering processes leave a mess that you want gone, have a look at the Big Brute industrial vacuum cleaners.

We’ve a whole range of Big Brutes that will cope with cleaning up engineering workshops – whether you need to vacuum up swarf, recover oils and coolants, or even want to filter and recycle your cutting fluids, there’s a Big Brute that can help.

Big Brute Wet & Dry

The Big Brute industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner is an ideal all-rounder that cleans your floors of dust and liquid spills.

Its drainage valve on the rear lets you conveniently empty it, draining of the liquid leaving the solids behind.

Add a Wet & Dry Floor, Wall and Ceiling Kit – a collection of cleaning tools that helps you clean every square inch of your building from top to bottom. Clean in and around racking and reach up to window ledges and sills to clean all that dust that’s settled up there.

If you’ve got large floor areas to clean, add a front-mounted floor brush or a floor-squeegee to clean the floor in one pass as you push. In dry mode, this cleans without stirring dust up into the air.


Big Brute Wet & Dry

Suck up oil from bunds

Front-mounted Floor Squeegee for cleaning large floors quickly

Use the Floor, Wall and Ceiling Kit to clean up muck and water from floors

Drainage valve in a range of sizes for rapid emptying

Big Brute Swarfman

The Big Brute Swarfman is a swarf vacuum cleaner specifically designed for engineering workshops to clean up CNC machines, milling machines and lathes.

Its specially designed motor protection filters protect the motors from sharp swarf and chippings. The side-entry tangential spigot helps direct swarf lengths into the drum without blocking.

Since it’s also a wet & dry Big Brute model, it also sucks up liquids, such as the oils and coolants used by such machines.

Big Brute Suck & Pump

The Big Brute Suck and Pump is ideal for sucking up oils, coolants or lubricants from machines or bunds.

Its built-in pump then pumps out the liquid at a controlled rate into your own containers.

Ideal for recovering expensive coolants and then pumping back out into your own containers or IBCs for future use.

Big Brute Suck & Pump

Big Brute Suck & Pump

Big Brute Suck & Pump at Manchester Airport recovering anti-freeze from the runway

Big Brute SOS Oil Vac

If you’ve got large quantities of oils, coolants or lubricants to recover and then want to re-use, the Big Brute SOS Oil Vacuum Cleaner is the machine for you.

It rapidly sucks up oils or coolants from machines or bunds. The recovered oil then passes through 4 separate stages of filtration, each one finer than the previous, filtering out all the chips and fines.

Use the Big Brute SOS Oil Vac’s built-in pump to then pump the filtered oil back out into your IBCs or directly back into your machinery.

Make recycling your oils and coolants quick and simple.

Big Brute Multi-Lift

The Big Brute Multi-Lift is the ultimate heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaner for dry waste! We also have the Multi-Lift Wet and Dry, designed for heavy duty cleaning of wet industrial waste such oily liquids containing swarf.

Use the Big Brute Multi-Lift for recovering heavy materials. When it’s time to empty, the Multi-Lift lets you empty it with a forklift, or overhead crane without the need for manual handling.

Emptying is quick and simple – raise the Multi-Lift over your discharge point and dump the contents quickly through the discharge flap in the base.

Ideal for the heaviest of industrial waste, particularly where you don’t have forklift access.

Big Brutes we recommend for cleaning Engineering Workshops

We recommend any Big Brute for cleaning up engineering workshops.

Each Big Brute model is configurable to your exact needs. We offer a wide range of accessories to help you clean up dry, wet and mixed waste from your engineering workshop and machinery, with the least amount of time and effort. Some models also enable the recovery and recycling of oils, coolants and cutting fluids.

If you need assistance, get in touch with our knowledgeable sales team.

Watch the Engineering Big Brutes In Action

Suck up oil and coolants from machinery or bunds with the Big Brute Industrial Wet & Dry Vac.

The Big Brute Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is powerful enough to clean out solids, sludge and liquids from drains, gullies and floors, quickly and easily. Its optional floor tools let you clean even the heaviest of soiled wet floors to a barely damp state in just one pass. It’s ideal for cleaning spillages on warehouse floors, or for sluicing down and cleaning floors in dairies and abattoirs.

The Big Brute Oil Vacuum filters swarf and fines from oils, coolants and cutting fluids for re-use. The Big Brute Oil Vac has 4 stages of filtration to remove large lumps of swarf, pastes and fines, leaving your recovered coolant clean and clear. Its integral pump lets you pump out your recovered oils into your own containers, without mess, for storage or re-use.

The Big Brute Suck and Pump Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for recovering and decanting waste liquids into your own drums or containers. It sucks up liquids at 1 gallon per second. Its internal discharge pump lets you pump out liquids at a controlled rate, minimising spills. Ideal for recovering liquids that mustn’t go down drains or contaminate other parts of your site. Ideal for waste water or oils that contain sludge.

The Big Brute Multi-Lift is ideal for the heaviest of materials such as swarf, grit and shot and other blast media. Empty it with your forklift or overhead crane through the discharge flap in its base quickly and safely.