Big Brute Popular

Clean up dry waste quickly and easily with our Big Brute Popular industrial vacuum cleaners.

The Big Brute Popular is one of our best-selling Big Brutes.

Ideal for general industrial cleaning of dust, grit and all dry waste.

Customise your Big Brute Popular with many different options and accessories to suit your cleaning requirements exactly.

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If you’re after industrial vacuum cleaners for tough, industrial cleaning, you can’t go wrong with a Big Brute Popular Industrial Vacuum Cleaner.

The Big Brute Popular was designed to provide the big power, big suction, and big capacity that other industrial vacuum cleaners just couldn’t provide, whilst being tough enough to put up with the rough conditions in industry. The Big Brute will continue to perform where others would have given up.

The Big Brute Popular Industrial Vacuum Cleaners give you:

  • Powerful suction
  • Long, long hoses to reach up high and low
  • Big capacity
  • Solid, rugged engineering that lasts and lasts

To this day, the Big Brute Popular remains one of our best-selling Big Brutes.


What’s it best for?

All dry, solid waste, especially non-hazardous dust, grit and lumps up to 40mm in size.

Ideal for all general industrial and agricultural cleaning.


What should it not be used for?

Not suitable for hazardous dusts, liquids or for use in zoned areas.


What do you get?

Power: 3 x 1.2kW motors.

Capacity: 180 litres including filters and heavy duty inlet spigot.

Filters: 2 dry fabric filters.

Hose: 63mm-diameter with curved steel ends and rubber couplers (choose your hose length)

Trolley: Heavy duty, 4-wheeled with brake.

Tool: 1 meter long 63mm-diameter aluminium scraper.

Cable: 10m long with plug

Choose your Big Brute Power Unit Voltage

All electrically powered Big Brutes can be supplied with either a 230V power unit or a 110V power unit.

They both have 3 motors providing a total of 3.2kW of cleaning power.

Check which one is most suitable for your premises.

230V 16A Plug


230V Big Brute power units have 3 motors giving a total of 3.2kW of cleaning power.

It runs from a single-phase, 16A supply.

Note that the 230V Big Brute power unit has a 16A plug, so you’ll need a 16A supply to power it.

No 16A supply? No problem – use with a Big Brute 16A-to-13A adapter lead (Part No V1337) to run it from a standard 13A socket.

110V 32A Plug


110V Big Brute power units have 3 motors giving a total of 3.2kW of cleaning power.

It runs from a single-phase, 32A supply.

Note that the 110V Big Brute power unit has a 32A plug, so you’ll need a 32A supply on your transformer to run it.

Choose your Big Brute Power Unit Type

All Big Brute power units provide that famous Big Brute suction power. With 3 independently switched motors, you get powerful suction that will let you clean up with long, long hoses, without loss of suction.

The Big Brute Suck & Blow power unit harnesses all the suction power to blow dust and dirt away. Switch from suck to blow in seconds.

Both power unit types are available in 230V or 110V versions.

Suck Only

The Suck Only power unit does just that - sucks. But sucks well!

Our standard Big Brute power units come with 3 motors giving a total of 3.2kW of suction power.

Available in 230V or 110V versions.

Suck & Blow

Our Suck & Blow power unit has the same motors and suction power as the Standard Suck Only power unit.

However, the filtered air is directed through an exhaust port on the top of the power unit.

Simply push your suction hose onto the exhaust port to harness the Big Brute's 3.2kW of cleaning power in a continuous blast of air.

Ideal for dislodging dust and dirt from crevices or ledges.

Switch from suck to blow in seconds - and back again. Use your Big Brute's suction power to then suck up dirt and debris blown out.

Available in 230V or 110V versions.

Big Brute Trolley Options

Whether you want to make your Big Brute easier to push, or safe to empty it with your forklift, we’ve a Big Brute Trolley Option that will help.

Specify your Big Brute trolley option at the time of purchase.

Standard 4-Wheel Trolley

Our Standard 4-Wheel Trolley is our most popular option.

With 2 front swivel castors and 2 rear rubber wheels, it’s easy to push and manoeuvre.

SuperGlide Trolley

With Nylon wheels, the SuperGlide trolley makes it easy to push over smooth floors, such as polished concrete.

Hose length options

Big Brute Standard Dry Suction Hose

Big Brute Standard Dry Suction Hose is 63mm diameter – wider than most industrial vacuum cleaner hose so it won’t block or kink easily.

It’s made from PVC with with a black outer with reinforcing threads, and supported by a helical PVC-coated wire.

It has an operating temperature of -20°C to 70°C and a weight of 0.5kg per metre.

Available in 3, 5, 10, or 15m lengths. Join multiple lengths together with a coupler to get even further reach.

Or, available supplied with 2 lengths of hose – one 5m length and one 10m length, each with one straight coupler on one end, and a curved coupler on the other, and a hose joiner to join the lengths together. This gives you the flexibility of shorter lengths for cleaning in confined spaces and the ability to join the lengths to reach further.

Drum Options

Big Brute Drum Options let you tailor your Big Brute to your exact needs.

Make it quick, easy and clean to shake your filters with the Filter Shaker. Or add a removable internal spigot to make it easy to slide out waste in our tough disposable waste bags. Or even add a Dust Extraction port for when you want to remove dust from your machinery or processes with your Big Brute.

Big Brute drum options must be specified at the time of purchase.

Easy Empty Lift-Out Spigot

Easy Empty Lift-Out Spigot

If you’ve got a bag full of waste inside your Big Brute drum, the optional Easy Empty Lift-Out Spigot makes it easier to empty it.

Slide the removable spigot upwards and you can slide your bags out without the risk of snagging or tearing. Keep your waste safely contained without it getting loose.

Tell us at the time of ordering if you want the optional Easy Empty Lift-Out Spigot.

Ideal for use with the Big Brute Disposable Waste Bags or the reusable Big Brute Easy Empty Lift-Out Bag.

Filter Shaker

The Big Brute Filter Shaker makes it easy to keep your filters clean.

As you clean up, dust and dirt cake themselves onto your filter - that's its job.

But as you carry on cleaning, the dust and dirt on the filter can reduce the airflow, slowing your cleaning down.

Regularly shaking your filters clean can speed up your cleaning once again.

The optional Big Brute Filter Shaker lets you clean your Big Brute Primary Filter quickly and cleanly without having to remove the power unit.

Just grab the handle on the front of the drum and give it a good shake.

Within seconds, your filter will be clean again, returning your suction power to its full level.

Note: Drums with the Filter Shaker option are not compatible with the Easy Empty Lift-Out Spigot drum option, or any the accessories that work with the Easy Empty Lift-Out Spigot such as Disposable Waste Bags and the Easy Empty Lift-Out Bag.

Big Brute Dust Extraction Kit

If you’ve got hand tools, or a process that generates a lot of dust, remove it at source using your Big Brute and the optional Dust Extraction Drum Option.

Big Brutes with the Dust Extraction Kit drum option have an additional 127mm-diameter inlet spigot mounted on the side of the drum. It also includes 2 bungs to seal off either the small or large entry spigot when not in use.

The Dust Extraction Kit drum option allows you to connect a wide-diameter hose (sold separately) to the large spigot. This provides high-volume, low air-speed extraction which is ideal for removing dust from the air at source.

It’s ideal for short sanding or rubbing-down jobs, or stone cutting.

When you need to resume normal cleaning, seal off the large spigot and use the low-volume, high air-speed suction the Big Brute provides for general cleaning up afterwards.

While the Big Brute Dust Extraction Kit ideal for short activities, we don’t recommend your Big Brute is used for continuous dust extraction.

Big Brute Floor, Wall and Ceiling Kit (Dry)

Big Brute Dry Floor Wall and Ceiling Kit

Get every square inch of your building clean from top to bottom with the Big Brute Dry Floor, Wall and Ceiling Kit.

Ideal for cleaning dust, grit and dirt from all surfaces.

Use the floor brush, with the crank and tubes, to vacuum floors or walls clean. The round brush, with its firm but non-scratch bristles, dislodges dirt from ledges, shelves, window sills and light fittings. The stainless steel crevice tool scrapes up caked-on dirt, and gets into small gaps and crevices to clean deeply. All tools store in the toolbag that hangs on the rear handles of your Big Brute.


  • 1 x V25 tool adapter to connect the tools to the Big Brute hose
  • 1 x V26 Stainless steel crank
  • 2 x V27 stainless steel straight tubes
  • 1 x v28 aluminium extension tube
  • 1 x V29 floor brush
  • 1 x V30 round brush
  • 1 x V31 stainless steel crevice tool
  • 1 x V41 Big Brute toolbag

Compatible Accessories

Cleaning out Biomass Boilers with the Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Additional information

Weight 58 kg
Dimensions 101 × 60 × 129 cm
Power Unit Voltage

230V, 110V

Power Unit Type

Suck Only, Suck & Blow

Trolley Type

Standard 4-Wheeled Trolley, SuperGlide Trolley

Standard Dry Suction Hose Length

5m plus Scraper Tool, 10m plus Scraper Tool, 15m plus Scraper Tool, 5m + 10m hoses plus Scraper Tool, No hose and no Scraper Tool

Drum Options

Standard Drum, Easy Empty Lift Out Spigot, Filter Shaker

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