Clean every square inch of your grain store with a Big Brute - the Original Farm Vacuum Cleaner

The Big Brute Warehouseman is the ideal all-rounder. Clean grain store floors quickly with its front-mounted floor brush, without stirring dust up into the air.

Its long hoses mean you can clean your deepest grain pits, or reach right up into elevators and rafters, without having to drag your Big Brute round with you everywhere you go.

The optional Floor, Wall and Ceiling Toolkits let you clean into crevices and corners thoroughly, getting rid of old grains or pests that might be ready to spoil your incoming harvest.

Don’t forget your drying ducts under the floor – the optional Big Brute Mole is an add-on that cleans all the grain from your drying ducts, increasing your drying efficiency and keeping your drying costs down.

But the Big Brutes offer so much more than just cleaning. If you’ve got troublesome bins that don’t empty fully, or need to recover large quantities of grain, the Big Brute Suck & Dumps and the Big Brute Bulkmasters are ideal. Suck up your grain, then move it with your telehandler. They empty rapidly and completely through their bases, helping you recover or move that grain quickly.

Watch the Big Brute Vacuum Cleaners clean Grain Stores

Clean every square inch of your grain store, quickly, easily and without stirring up dust, with the Big Brute Warehouseman.

It tackles large floors, grain pits, elevators, augers, rafters – the lot. It’s been trusted by farmers across the world for decades.

Big Brute – The name in grain store cleaning.

The Big Brutes have been cleaning grain stores and grain handling equipment for decades.

From clumps of grain, to wet, growing wheat in the bottoms of grain pits, the Big Brutes will handle it in their stride.

Clean every part of your grain store with the Big Brutes.

Their long hoses mean you reach high up into your grain store, or deep down into your grain pits, without losing suction.

How do you clean out your grain pits without having to get your vacuum cleaner down there with you? With a Big Brute!

Big Brutes don’t lose suction, so you can drop your long Big Brute hose down into your grain pit and clean up quickly, while your Big Brute sits happily at the top.

Got tonnes of grain to shift? Watch the Big Brute Bulkmaster.

One of our customers once phoned us in a panic saying he’d had a 4-tonne grain spillage that he needed to recover.

The Big Brute Bulkmaster 1000 had it sorted in less than an hour.

If you’ve got reasonable quantities of grain to shift, have a look at the Big Brute Suck & Dumps.

With the same capacity as a standard Big Brute, you can lift them when full with your forklift or telehandler, and move them to where you want to dump the grain out.

They empty through the discharge flap in the base.

Ideal for those troublesome grain bins that don’t quite empty fully.