When Would You Need A Big Brute Interceptor?

August 25, 2023

When we think about using an industrial vacuum cleaner, we usually think of sucking all the muck off the floor and then throwing it away.

But, strangely, there may be times when you don’t actually want to throw away what you’ve cleaned up.

You may have a material that you want to collect up for recycling. Or put into storage for later use or disposal. Or a product that you use in your manufacturing process that you want to collect up and then introduce back into your process later. Or even multiple different materials that you want to collect up but not get cross-contaminated.

And that’s where the Big Brute Interceptors can help.

Have you got a Big Brute?

Firstly, the Big Brute Interceptors work with the Big Brute you’ve already got.

The Interceptors don’t have any motors or provide any suction – that’s all provided by your Big Brute.

If you’ve got a Big Brute already, let’s dive in and look at the different types of Interceptors.

Interceptors for Dry Materials

For dry materials, that aren’t very dusty, the Standard Big Brute Interceptor is a great entry-level option.

Place the Interceptor on your drum. Connect up the Big Brute suction hose to one port, and your tool and hose to the other port.

All the material you suck up gets deposited inside your drum.

When it’s full, just seal it up, or forklift it away for disposal or storage.

Interceptors for Dry, Dusty Materials

If you’ve got dry materials you want to suck up that produce a lot of fine dust, or want to suck up non-hazardous, non-explosive powders, then the Big Brute Cyclonic Interceptor is a good choice.

The Cyclonic Interceptor incorporates a cyclonic separator which separates out much more of the fine dust from the incoming air. This drops with the heavier material into the drum below, leaving the air the carries over to your Big Brute much cleaner.

This means that less dust is carried over to your Big Brute, making sure that you don’t have to clean its filter so often.

Interceptors for Liquids

If you want to suck up liquid waste, and have a Wet & Dry or Wet Only Big Brute model, then we have interceptors that will handle this, too.

Our Wet Interceptor range feature an overfill protection device that cut off the suction from your Big Brute when the drum gets full. This makes sure you can’t overfill your drum, leading to spills.

Contact us for more information on our liquid interceptor range.


Big Brute Fit-All Interceptor In Use