10 Key Benefits of Using the Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner on Your Farm.

October 9, 2023

The Big Brute range is a powerful and versatile, time-saving and cost-effective tool for a varied range of cleaning jobs around the farm.

It helps maintain a clean and safe environment for both you and your livestock by removing any muck, debris, dust and other waste that need clearing.

Available in Dry, Wet & Dry and Wet Only versions, the Big Brute range saves time and effort with all those hard ‘rainy day’ jobs that you’ve been putting off.

Benefits of using an industrial vacuum cleaner around the farm

Among the most prolific users of industrial vacuum cleaners such as the Big Brute are farmers working livestock, arable and mixed farms.

Before we get into the detail of why industrial vacuum cleaners can be of benefit to farmers, let’s look at some of the most common cleaning areas and jobs:

  • Cleaning animal pens
  • Storage areas
  • Pits and conveyors
  • Dryer floors and ducts
  • Farm vehicles
  • Other farm buildings, shops and accommodation.

When cleaning areas and equipment such as these on a farm, using an industrial vacuum cleaner such as the Big Brute industrial vacuum cleaner offers a myriad of advantages that foster cleanliness, efficiency and safety.

Here, we delve into ten key benefits that this powerhouse cleaning solution offers.

Efficient Cleaning

The Big Brute industrial vacuum cleaner stands as a testament to power and prowess. It is purpose-built to tackle substantial quantities of debris, dirt and waste in significantly less time compared to conventional cleaning methods.

As an example, imagine swiftly clearing out a barn filled with hay and animal waste, where traditional methods might have taken hours.

Dust and Debris Removal

Farms can produce copious amounts of dust, debris and other remnants of agricultural activities. Enter the Big Brute, a robust vacuum cleaner capable of clearing these particles, thereby elevating the air quality for both livestock and farm workers.

Take, for instance, a poultry shed that accumulates feathers and dust – the Big Brute effortlessly whisks them away, ensuring a healthier environment.

Reduced Contamination

The use of the Big Brute translates into reduced contamination risks for crops, feed and essential equipment. This translates into top-tier produce quality and safeguarded livestock health.

Imagine a scenario where a grain storage area is cleaned quickly and easily, preventing cross-contamination and maintaining the integrity of crops.

Time and Labour Savings

Armed with formidable suction power and an expansive capacity, the Big Brute significantly slashes the time and elbow grease required for cleaning tasks, allowing farm personnel to point their energy towards more critical endeavours.

For instance, imagine the time saved when cleaning out a dairy after milking, enabling workers to focus on maintaining the cows’ well-being.

Improved Animal Health

Routine vacuuming with a Big Brute acts as a preventative measure against the accumulation of dust, mites and allergens that could otherwise compromise the health of farm animals.

As an example, properly cleaning horse stalls with an industrial vacuum can benefit the overall health and comfort of their equine occupants.

Maintained Equipment

Agricultural machinery and tools can get clogged with dirt and debris, leading to operational inefficiencies and escalated wear and tear.

On the other hand, cleaning with a Big Brute can boost equipment functionality and longevity. Consider machinery sheds that remain pristine thanks to the regular use of the Big Brute, ensuring optimal performance.

Safety Enhancement

By effectively eliminating debris and waste from pathways, work zones and storage spaces, the Big Brute contributes to a safer environment, mitigating the risk of accidents like slips, trips and falls.

Farm areas kept free of obstructions and trip hazards can help ensure safer movement around the workplace for farm workers.

Compliance with Regulations

The agricultural sector is often bound by stringent regulations pertaining to waste disposal and environmental standards.

The Big Brute steps in as a compliance ally, aiding farms in meeting these mandates. Animal waste such as slurry and barnyard manure can be cleaned up before it runs off into other areas, aligning with environmental regulations.


The Big Brute product range with its extensive range of attachments and accessories is synonymous with adaptability.

With extra-long hoses, a range of nozzles, the Big Brute Mole, the readymade floor, wall and ceiling kit and crevice tool (to name a few), the Big Brute transforms it into a versatile cleaning tool optimised for various farm areas and surfaces.

For instance, envision a dairy farm utilising specialised attachments to clean milking sheds, feed troughs and animal transport vehicles.

Long-Term Cost Savings

The enduring benefits in terms of efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, heightened productivity and the pure durability of the Big Brute can offer substantial long-term savings.

Its quality build ensures these efficiency gains along with minimal breakdowns and maintenance expenses can ensure the Big Brute pays for itself again and again.

Final word

The specific advantages accruing from Big Brute ownership can vary according to the nature and size of your farm and your unique cleaning challenges.

By selecting the appropriate Big Brute model and adhering to manufacturer guidelines can help you maintain a cleaner, safer and – ultimately – more efficient and productive farm environment.

Ready for a Big Brute?

We know you’ll find a Big Brute a great tool on the farm to help you maintain a clean and safe working environment and conditions for your livestock and staff.

It’ll also improve the efficiency of operations and extend the lifespan of your vehicles, equipment and machinery – as well as saving you time and money.

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