Standard Interceptor Lid

£297.00 + VAT

Fill your own drums with the Big Brute Interceptor – Standard.

Use with your existing Big Brute to quickly fill drums for storage or recycling.


Fill your own drums with the Big Brute Standard Interceptor.

Place the Standard Interceptor Lid on top of any 205 litre open-topped drum. Connect up the suction hose from your Big Brute to one port – connect up your suction hose and cleaning tools to the other.

Use the power of your own Big Brute (not supplied) to suck up waste or materials directly into the drum.

When it’s full, simply seal and move onto the next drum.

Ideal for sucking up materials or waste quickly into your own drums for storage or disposal.

Will this fit my drums?

The Big Brute Standard Interceptor uses the same lids that fit the 205 litre drums on which the Big Brutes are based. However, we can’t be certain they’ll fit all brands of 205 litre drums.

If you have any doubt as to whether the Big Brute Interceptor will fit your drums, we recommend the Big Brute Fit All Interceptor. This fits all open-topped drums with outside diameters between 320mm to 680mm.

What Kind of Materials Can I Use It On?

The Big Brute Standard Interceptor can be used on any materials that your Big Brute can suck up. Please ensure that if you’re sucking up wet or liquid waste, you only use it with your existing Big Brute Wet & Dry or Wet Only model. Do not use a Big Brute Dry Model to suck up liquid waste.