Mini Big Brute specially designed for leading manufacturer of bespoke aluminium greenhouses

November 15, 2015

Alitex Ltd of Petersfield, Hampshire, is benefitting from a customised, under-bench Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for their production environment.

Alitex Ltd is a family business with over 60 years’ experience of manufacturing bespoke aluminium greenhouses and conservatories. They manufacture the National Trust range of aluminium greenhouses and their products and services are endorsed by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Dave Miles, the Production Manager, currently owns a Big Brute Warehouseman and a Big Brute Swarfman (our dedicated swarf vacuum cleaner), both of which are used regularly in his production environment. Dave was initially recommended the Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners by another Big Brute user.

Dave and his production staff needed an additional vacuum cleaner to sit under a bench where space was limited, but which would also work in sync with their existing Big Brutes. They were using a standard industrial vacuum cleaner which, at 2.5m high, was too large to fit under the bench.

After discussing Dave’s needs and sharing ideas with him, we specifically designed a mini Big Brute that solved Alitex Ltd’s problem.

The Mini Big Brute takes up far less space than their previous industrial vacuum cleaner but with no loss in performance. It’s used for many cleaning applications, including vacuuming swarf and removing aluminium fumes. It’s also much easier to empty because of the reduced size and volume.

“It’s absolutely perfect in every way,” Dave told us.

“It does the job of two machines efficiently without any trouble. Every production environment should have at least one on site”

Alitex Ltd’s website has more information on their bespoke aluminium greenhouses and conservatories.

For more information about the Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, including Alitex Ltd’s bespoke Mini Big Brute, please get in touch.

Under-Bench Mini Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner