Big Brute Swarfman

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Swarf Vacuum Cleaner

The Swarfman has been designed to handle heavy swarf chippings and liquids at the rate of approximately a gallon a second. We designed it to meet the machine cleaning needs of large machine shops.

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Free Additional Primary Filter

Buy any Big Brute Dry Only model or Wet & Dry model and get an extra Primary Filter free.

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Oil and swarf industrial vacuum cleaners need to quickly recover solid and liquid waste from CNC machines, lathes and milling machines.

The Big Brute Swarfman Swarf Vacuum Cleaner sucks up liquids, such as cutting fluids or oil, at the rate of approximately a gallon a second, complete with the heavy swarf chippings it contains. We designed it to meet the machine cleaning needs of large machine shops.

Its design ensures that heavy metal chippings reach the drum without settling in the pipe, causing blockages.



All engineering applications where you want to collect oily swarf. Or swarfy oil.



Not suitable for hazardous dust, flammable liquids or for use in zoned areas.



Power: 3 x 1.2kW motors.

Capacity: 153 litres including filters and heavy duty inlet spigot.

Filters: Overfill Protection Float Filter.

Hose: 63mm diameter with curved steel ends and rubber couplers (choose your hose length)

Trolley: Heavy duty, 4-wheeled with brake.

Tool: 1 meter long 63mm diameter aluminium scraper.

Cable: 10m long with plug

Capacity: 205 litres including filters, with automatic overfill protection.

Hose: 3m of polyurethane 63mm-diameter see-through hose with steel bends and push pull couplers.

Trolley: Tough welded powder coated trolley with 4 rubber wheels and brake.

Tool: 1 metre 63mm-diameter aluminium scraper tool

Cable: 10 metres long with plug

Choose your Big Brute Power Unit Voltage

All electrically powered Big Brutes can be supplied with either a 230V power unit or a 110V power unit.

They both have 3 motors providing a total of 3.2kW of cleaning power.

Check which one is most suitable for your premises.

230V 16A Plug


230V Big Brute power units have 3 motors giving a total of 3.2kW of cleaning power.

It runs from a single-phase, 16A supply.

Note that the 230V Big Brute power unit has a 16A plug, so you’ll need a 16A supply to power it.

No 16A supply? No problem – use with a Big Brute 16A-to-13A adapter lead (Part No V1337) to run it from a standard 13A socket.

110V 32A Plug


110V Big Brute power units have 3 motors giving a total of 3.2kW of cleaning power.

It runs from a single-phase, 32A supply.

Note that the 110V Big Brute power unit has a 32A plug, so you’ll need a 32A supply on your transformer to run it.

Big Brute Trolley Options

Whether you want to make your Big Brute easier to push, or safe to empty it with your forklift, we’ve a Big Brute Trolley Option that will help.

Specify your Big Brute trolley option at the time of purchase.

Standard 4-Wheel Trolley

Our Standard 4-Wheel Trolley is our most popular option.

With 2 front swivel castors and 2 rear rubber wheels, it’s easy to push and manoeuvre.

SuperGlide Trolley

With Nylon wheels, the SuperGlide trolley makes it easy to push over smooth floors, such as polished concrete.

High Lift Forklift Drain Trolley

A Big Brute full of liquid is a heavy one.

Sometimes, you might want to raise your full Big Brute up on a forklift to drain it straight out into an IBC or similar container.

The High Lift Forklift Drain trolley is what you need.

It has 2 fork tubes to let you pick the Big Brute on its trolley and raise it over your discharge container and SuperGlide Nylon wheels to make it easy to push.

The High Lift Forklift Drain trolley makes it easy and safe to empty your Big Brute without mess.

Available in 2 different sizes depending on your forklift tine size: Standard or Wide.

See the “Forklift Trolleys” tab for more information.

Because forklifts come in different sizes, your High Lift Forklift Drain trolley can be built in a size to accommodate your tines perfectly.

Just measure:

  • The centre-to-centre distance between your tines (A)
  • The width of your tines (B)
  • The height of your tines (C)

And choose the appropriate size tines for your trolley.

  • Standard Tines (ST)
  • Wide Tines (WT)

How to measure your forklift tines to fit your Big Brute trolley

Standard Tines (ST)280mm125mm75mm
Wide Tines (WT)180mm160mm75mm

Hose length options

Big Brute Heavy Duty (PVC) Hose

Big Brute Standard Wet Suction Hose

Big Brute Standard Wet Suction Hose is 63mm diameter – wider than most industrial vacuum cleaner hose so it won’t block or kink easily.

It’s made from clear polyurethane, and supported by a helical wire, making it tougher than dry Big Brute hose and with improved chemical resistance to withstand the range of liquids it’s likely to be sucking up.

It has an operating temperature of -40°C to 90°C and a weight of 0.8kg per metre.

Available in 3, 5, 10m lengths, without losing suction. Join multiple lengths together with a coupler to get even further reach.

Feature38mm (1.5")51mm (2")102mm (4")
Time Taken to Empty (From Full)160s125s60s

The drain valve sits at the back of the drum near the base and allows you to empty the liquid out of your Big Brute quickly and easily.

Just open the valve and wait for it to drain.

Outlet hoses and connectors are also available to direct the flow into drains, gullies or into your own containers.

Compatible Accessories

Additional information

Dimensions 101 × 60 × 130 cm
Power Unit Voltage

230V, 110V

Trolley Type

Standard 4-Wheeled Trolley, SuperGlide Trolley, High Lift Forklift Drain Trolley (Standard Tines), High Lift Forklift Drain Trolley (Wide Tines)

Standard Wet Suction Hose Length

3m plus Scraper Tool, 5m plus Scraper Tool, No hose and no Scraper Tool

Drain Valve Size

38 mm (1.5 inch), 51 mm (2 inch), 102 mm (4 inch)