Cricket clean-up hit for six with a Big Brute Bulkmaster

September 30, 2015

Peregrine Livefoods of Ongar, Essex, is using a Big Brute and Bulkmaster 500 system to speed up the cleaning of their live insect bins.

Peregrine Livefoods farms insects for the pet food industry. Richard Nation, the Live Foods Manager, was looking for a way to speed up the process and to reduce the dust produced when cleaning the waste out of their bins.

Two people would manually empty the bins into a bin bag which were carried to a small wheelie skip inside the building. When the skip was full, it was wheeled outside and emptied into a large skip with a forklift. Tipping the waste also created airborne dust.
The entire process was time-consuming, had health and safety issues and was costly in terms of bin bags.

Richard was an existing Big Brute user and approached us for a solution.

We recommended two customised centralised systems, each consisting of a Big Brute Suck and Blow industrial vacuum cleaner, Bulkmaster 500 with Cyclone Lid and static stainless steel pipe and fittings.

By having the Big Brute inside the building, and the Bulkmaster 500 outside connected with short lengths of flexible hose and static stainless steel pipe, the waste could be moved to the main skip easily and quickly without any manual handling. Not tipping the waste from the bins also means no airborne dust is created inside the building.

The Big Brute Suck & Blow exhaust is also piped outside, again with a short length of flexible hose and static stainless steel pipe, to further improve the air quality inside the building, without the need for extra HEPA filtration.

Richard and his staff are already reaping the benefits of their new Big Brute systems. Air quality has improved as the airborne dust has been reduced. There’s no more manual handling involved, reducing the likelihood of injuries. The whole process is much quicker, saving time. And with no more bin bags to buy, Richard’s making further long-term cost-savings.

“The Big Brute system has given us a simple but effective solution to an ongoing problem in this area of the business.” Richard told us. “We looked at other, much more expensive systems to deal with this problem. We definitely made the right choice – we’re very happy with our Big Brute system.”

Peregrine Livefood’s website has more information on its equipment, frozen foods and live foods for reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. For more information on the Big Brute Suck & Blow industrial vacuum cleaners or the Big Brute Bulkmaster 500, please contact us.

Peregrine Livefoods Cleaning Out Insect Bins With The Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner