Big Brute Swarfman Recovers Expensive CNC Coolant

June 27, 2015

Blue Eagle Precision Engineering uses the Big Brute Swarfman, our industrial swarf vacuum cleaner, to recover CNC coolant from its machines.

Blue Eagle Precision Engineering in Loughgall, Co Armagh, manufacture components used by some of the biggest names in aero space, pharmaceutical and motor sport industries.

Wayne Clarke, Quality Engineer at BE Precision, came to us with a specific problem they wanted help with. The 5-axis CNC milling machines they use require a very expensive coolant to be used. This coolant contained swarf when it was collected by their existing industrial vacuum and therefore had to be dumped.

Wayne wanted an industrial vacuum that could recover the CNC coolant and separate the swarf from the coolant so that the coolant could be re-used.

We recommended the Big Brute Swarfman with the 300mm deep sieve to separate the 2 media and the Floor, Wall & Ceiling Wet Tool Kit with 10m of hose. We also recommended the high lift forklift drain. This allows the Big Brute Swarfman to be lifted above the skip using a forklift and then to release the just the recovered coolant into a skip for re-use.

Wayne was delighted with how the Big Brute Swarfman performs. It quickly recovers the CNC coolant and swarf and separates them.

“Being able to re-use the coolant will save the company a lot of money. It reduces production costs and also the cost of disposal of waste material,” Wayne told us.

Vacuum Recovering Coolant from CNC Machine