Alex James Encounters The Big Brute

May 2, 2014

Alex James is a musician, best known as the bass player in Blur. He also writes a weekly column for the Daily Telegraph called ‘Mucking In’ about life on his farm in Oxfordshire.

Alex recently wrote about how he cleaned out 100 years’ worth of grime from his thresher barn, using a Big Brute Warehouseman vacuum cleaner to get the floor spotless.

“The “Big Brute” is the vacuuming equivalent of a ride-on mower: a man hoover,” Alex described in his column from the 4 March 2014.

“Everything about it is pleasing: its indestructibility, the noise it makes, the way it looks and “drives” but most of all, the job it does.”

The Big Brute pictured in Alex’s column shows a very well used and quite old Big Brute that must be at least 10 years old, caked in dust.

Like most Big Brutes on farms this age, the hose on the Big Brute Alex is using is mostly duct tape, but it’s still going strong.

We’ve heard many stories of Big Brutes this age, and older, still putting in reliable and faithful service in barns and grain stores across the country. Our record is 30 years and still going strong.

The Big Brutes were originally designed back in 1984 to clean up gr../contact/ain stores and barns, a job they continue to excel at all these years later.

You can read Alex James’s column on the Telegraph website. If your Big Brute hose is mostly duct tape too, give us a ring to see about treating it to some new hose.

Big Brute Warehouseman Cleaning A Dusty Floor