Big Brute Wet & Dry – The Essential Extra When Filming on Location

April 28, 2014

Location One, based in Barking, Essex, is using a Big Brute Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner to help keep film crews’ and actors’ feet dry whilst filming on location.

Location One sells and hires location equipment to the film and television industry and has worked with production teams from the BBC and ITV, along with independent production companies such as Kudos.

Location One were specifically looking for a machine that could clean up standing water at film locations before filming could start. Sets can also be built in warehouses and outbuildings which need cleaning up before filming can start.

Location One were previously using squeegees and lots of manpower to clean up standing water and puddles from locations.

We recommended a Big Brute Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner as this is ideal for quickly sucking up standing water. It also tackles dry waste so makes cleaning up dust and debris from warehouses and outbuildings easy. We also recommended a Wet Floor, Wall and Ceiling Kit – this collection of cleaning tools helps you quickly clean water from large floor areas and easily clean under or around fixed equipment.

Using the Big Brute, Location One now clean up locations quicker, giving a cleaner, dryer area where film crew and actors can walk and not get wet feet.

Location One have also found it ideal for cleaning their own yard.

“We’d been looking for a machine to suck puddles out of Production Unit Bases for a long time,” Crispin told us. “We used to use puddle pumps but they always got clogged up with the muddy puddle water and were rendered useless after 2 minutes. Slurry pumps were cumbersome and expensive to hire.”

“The Big Brute has been a revelation! It’s powerful and efficient and we have cut man hours down significantly.”

“It reminds me of a Land Rover, solid British engineering – love it.”

Location One’s website has full details of its services to the film and television production industry. For more information on the Big Brute Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, please contact us.

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