NEW Big Brute Bulkmasters – The New Range of Big Brute Bulk Material Handlers

August 27, 2014

NEW Big Brute Bulkmaster range brings you the best bulk material handling solution.

Holding either half a tonne or one tonne of grain when full, the Big Brute Bulkmasters help you clean up or recover bulk materials faster than ever.

They can be self-powered with their built-in Big Brute power unit, complete with conveniently located power switches and connectors on the front, or can be powered with your existing single- or 3-phase Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner.

They’re safe and easy to empty with your forklift or telehandler. Move them easily up and over high-sided skips or hoppers without putting your staff at risk.

The cone-shaped bottom discharge hoppers make sure the Bulkmasters empty quickly and completely, without making a mess.

And you get all the advantages of using an interceptor – your recovered material and dust is kept within the Bulkmaster without being carried over to your Big Brute where it could blind your filters.

You don’t have to stop so often to clean your filters, helping you clean up quicker.

Find out more about the Big Brute Bulkmaster 500 and Bulkmaster 1000.

Big Brute Bulkmaster 500 and Big Brute Bulkmaster 1000