Big Brute Mole – For Rectangular Ducts

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Increase your grain drying efficiency and decrease your grain drying costs with the Big Brute Mole.

Easily cleans out your drying ducts under your grain drying floors. Custom made to your exact measurements.


If you’ve got grain drying floors in your grain store, make sure you clean out the drying ducts underneath.

Clogged ducts can not only harbour pests or fungi that can affect your incoming crop, but can also make it harder to dry your grain, pushing up your grain drying costs.

Use the Big Brute Mole with your own Big Brute to clean out these ducts quickly and easily.

The Big Brute Mole is made to especially for you and fits your ducts perfectly using the measurements you provide. Just attach your Big Brute suction hose and drain rods (not supplied) and push The Mole down your duct.

Simply measure the height and width of your rectangular ducts and select from the width and height options. We’ll make your Mole specially to fit.

A Note About Hose

We recommend using a length of Big Brute hose with a straight hose-end to attach to your Big Brute Mole. If your hose has curved hose-ends at both ends, then give us a ring.

Using a hose with a curved hose-end may work but you risk getting your Mole stuck down your ducts.

FeatureLow Height (B is between 80 and 109mm)Standard Height (B is more than 110mm)
A is between 174 and 192mm (inc)-Size 000SH
A is between 193 and 202mm (inc)-Size 00SH
A is between 203 and 222mm (inc)-Size 0SH
A is between 223 and 242mm (inc)Size 1LHSize 1SH
A is between 243 and 262mm (inc)Size 2LHSize 2SH
A is between 263 and 282mm (inc)Size 3LHSize 3SH
A is between 283 and 302mm (inc)Size 4LHSize 4SH
A is between 303 and 322mm (inc)Sise 6LHSize 5SH
A is between 323 and 342mm (inc)Size 7LHSize 6 SH
A is between 343 and 362 (inc)-Size 7SH
A is between 651 and 670mm (inc)Size 8SH

Measure the dimensions of your duct to determine your Mole size

How to find your Mole size

It’s easy to work out what size Mole you need to fit down your ducts.

You need to make 2 measurements of your ducts:

  1. the width (A) and
  2. the height (B)

Make both of your measurements in millimetres (mm).

  1. Measurement A
    Measure the width of your duct. This is the horizontal distance between the inside edges of the 2 struts.
    It’s a good idea to measure a few different ducts and use the smallest number. This will make sure your Mole fits down all your ducts without getting stuck.
  2. Measurement B
    Measure the height of your duct. This is the vertical distance from the base to the underside of the drying floor.
    Again, it’s a good idea to measure a few different ducts and use the smallest number.

Use the table opposite to find your Mole size. If Measurement B is 110mm or more, you’ll need a Standard Height Mole. If Measurement B is between 80mm and 109mm, you’ll need a Low Height Mole.

Find the row that corresponds to your Measurement A. This gives you your Mole Size.



I measure my ducts and get the following measurements:

A = 270mm

B = 126mm

B is more than 110mm, so I need a Standard Height Mole.

A is between 263mm and 282 mm, so my Mole size is 3SH.


Need Advice?

Just give us a ring and we’ll sort everything out.

Additional information

Mole Size

000SH, 00SH, 0SH, 1SH, 2SH, 3SH, 4SH, 5SH, 6SH, 7SH, 8SH, 1LH, 2LH, 3LH, 4LH, 5LH, 6LH, 7LH

Clean out those ducts underneath your grain drying floors with the Big Brute Mole.

Clean ducts reduces the risk of infestation from old grain that might be clogging them up, and reduces your grain drying costs.

Attach the suction hose of your Big Brute and attach the drain rods (not supplied) an d push it down your ducts, sucking and cleaning as it goes.

The Big Brute Mole is custom built just for you to fit your ducts perfectly – available in a range of sizes and either rectangular or circular profiles.