Cleaning fuel tanks of boats and ships is even easier with the Big Brute Wet & Dry

May 23, 2017

S D M Fuel Solutions Ltd is using the Big Brute’s powerful suction to clean out fuel tanks deep beneath the decks of ships and boats.

S D M Fuel Solutions of Southampton provides tank cleaning as part of its comprehensive fuel management services. They were looking for a way to remove the sludge left in the bottom of fuel tanks once the fuel had been removed.

They were using rags and paper towels to mop up the sludge. This was time-consuming, expensive and generated a lot of waste.

Simon Mayne, the Director at S D M Fuel Solutions Ltd, was looking for a vacuum system that would help with his jobs. He originally found a company based in the USA offering what he was after, but then found the Big Brutes here in the UK.

We discussed Simon’s application and suggested a Big Brute Wet & Dry with an Interceptor system (you can read more about Big Brute interceptors here). We also recommended longer suction hoses, as access into the bottom of the tanks is sometimes an issue.

The Big Brute instantly performed admirably, helping Simon and his staff complete a job on a fuel tank 9 metres below deck. The Big Brute’s long hoses and powerful suction removed the sludge quickly and easily.

“Two jobs were completed on contaminated fuel tanks,” Simon told us. “The first job was completed in half the normal time by using the Big Brute. The second job was only possible using the Big Brute as it was too dangerous for a man to go inside the tank.”

Since purchasing their Big Brute, S D M Fuel Solutions Ltd complete jobs more quickly and have increased their volume of work. It’s also allowed them to take on more awkward jobs and complete them quickly and easily. S D M Fuel Solution Ltd’s website contains full details of their tank cleaning and fuel management services.

For another real world example, read our article on Darwin Ports using a Big Brute to recover contaminated liquid.

Soltron Fuel Cleaning Tanks With The Big Brute Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner