Can I Mend My Big Brute Hose?

November 15, 2021

Your Big Brute’s been designed to put up with a lot, but the poor old suction hose always seems to be the most neglected part.

If your Big Brute hose has duct tape patches on it, or it’s been run over by the forklift, you can sometimes make some repairs to it and save on the cost of a new hose.

Damage to the Hose Near The Ends

The Big Brute dry suction hose has steel ends at both ends which are largely indestructible. It’s supplied either with a curved steel end, or a straight steel end and we find that hose with straight ends tends to wear out quicker than hose with curved ends. But because these steel ends are so tough, you can reuse them if you’ve got a hole near the ends of the hose.

Cut away the heatshrink that holds the steel end onto the flexible hose. Then cut off the section of damaged hose and discard. Using a new heatshrink sleeve, re-attach the hose back onto the steel end.

Your hose is ever so slightly shorter, but it’s a quick and cheap repair.

Damage to the Steel Hose Ends

The steel ends on the ends of the hose can put up with a lot, but if they’ve been damaged or bent, it’s a straightforward to replace them.

Cut away the heatshrink that holds the steel hose end onto the flexible hose. Discard the steel hose end with its cuff. Take your replacement hose end kit (available in curved hose end or straight hose end versions), and use the heatshrink sleeve supplied to attach the replacement steel hose end to the hose.

Damage in the Middle

Damage to the middle of the hose can be a bit more tricky to repair.

If your hose has been run over by the forklift (happens surprisingly often – don’t beat yourself up over it!), you can sometimes take a club hammer to it.

The steel helix core throughout the length of the hose keeps it wide open at all times and stops it collapsing in on itself, or kinking when in use. If it’s been run over, this steel helix will have been bent out of shape but can sometimes be coaxed back by gently tapping it with a club hammer. We find that using a heavy hammer gently has more success than using a lighter hammer.

If the damage is more severe, a cheap fix is to buy two straight hose ends and a hose-to-hose coupler. Cut the damaged section of the hose out and fit a hose end to each part. Then just join the two together with the coupler whenever you need it to use it. It’s a bit clunky, but a cheap fix.

More Duct Tape Than Hose

If your Big Brute hose mostly duct tape, then we really do recommend replacing the hose outright. You can buy replacement hose lengths in dry or wet & dry versions, complete with hose ends ready fitted.

If you want to check if your hose has pinprick holes in it, which can affect your suction performance, the simplest way to do this is to disconnect your hose from the Big Brute and lay it out flat on the ground. Stick a hosepipe in one end and let the water flow down the length of the hose. You’ll easily spot any leaks, even the tiniest ones. Remember to thoroughly drain your hose and air dry it before using it again.

We know hose is an extra expense, but the difference in suction performance with a new length of hose will be worth it, we promise!

Download a Maintenance Guide

For more information on how to keep your Big Brute in top condition, including tips for caring for your hose, download a Big Brute Maintenance Guide.

Big Coil of Big Brute Dry Suction Hose