63mm Straight pipe end STD cuff & heatshrink (each)

£43.00 + VAT

Straight steel hose-end coupler.

For attaching one of the hose ends to either the Big Brute drum or to your cleaning tool.


A straight steel hose-end is used for attaching your suction hose to either the Big Brute drum or the cleaning tool you want to use.

Straight hose-ends are ideal for putting on the ends of your hoses where you want to join 2 lengths together with a V36 Pipe-to-Pipe Coupler.

A very popular request is to supply a 15m length of Big Brute hose chopped into 2 lengths – one of 5m length and one of 10m length – with straight couplers one end of each.

You can use either hose length where needed for cleaning but for when you really need to get into those furthest places, such up racking and down pits, you can use a V36 Pipe-to-Pipe coupler to join the two lengths together.

The coupler comes complete with a heat-shrink sleeve for easy self-installation.