Super Glide Trolley – What is it and when is it the best option for me?

October 28, 2021

The Super Glide Trolley is an optional extra on many Big Brute models. It’s also a standard feature on many Big Brutes, particularly those that are inherently heavier, or are designed to handle particularly heavy waste.

But what exactly are the differences? And which option is best for you?

What’s the Difference?

The Super Glide Trolley is the same size and specification of our standard Big Brute trolleys. The difference is in its wheels and castors.

Both our standard and Super Glide Big Brute trolleys have 2 fixed wheels at the rear and 2 swivel castors at the front.

In the case of the Standard trolley, both the rear wheels and the front castors are solid rubber. On the Super Glide Trolleys they’re both solid Nylon.

Firmness Makes All The Difference

The standard rubber wheels on Big Brute trolleys are very sturdy but have some inherent give in them. This can deform the tyres slightly, particularly when the Big Brute is full of heavy waste.

Most of the time, this isn’t a problem. The give in the tyres accommodates rougher floors more forgivingly, ensuring the Big Brute is still easy to push. However, when your Big Brute is full of particularly heavy waste, this slight deformation of the tyre makes is harder to push.

The Super Glide’s solid wheels don’t deform when the Big Brute is fully loaded. This makes the Big Brute far easier to push and manoeuvre, particularly when the Big Brute is full of heavier waste.

It’s a bit like the difference you feel when riding a bicycle when the tyres are flat – it’s far easier and more comfortable when the tyres are fully pumped up.

When the Super Glide Trolley Is The Best Option

The Super Glide trolley is therefore a good option when:

  • You’re sucking up particularly heavy waste and;
  • You’ve got polished concrete floors

The solid Nylon wheels of the Super Glide trolley roll beautifully easily over polished concrete floors. And because they don’t deform as you load up your Big Brute, they’ll ensure your Big Brute stays easier to push.

Just watch out if you’ve got small stones on the floor. These will stop the Super Glide Trolley dead, as anyone pulling a pallet truck over a tiny stone has experienced.

When the Standard Trolley Is The Best Option

The standard Big Brute trolley is the good option when:

  • You’re sucking up regular waste that’s not particularly heavy
  • You’ve got rougher floors

For the majority of our customers, this is the ideal option. The squishiness of the rubber tyres makes it easier to push over rougher floors, but isn’t going to make it harder to push as your Big Brute fills up.

Need More Help?

You can upgrade the trolley of many Big Brute models on our website to a Super Glide trolley by dropping down the Trolley Options box and selecting “Super Glide Trolley”.

If you’re undecided if it’s the best option for you, give our sales team a call – we’ll be happy to help you out.

Super Glide Trolley Nylon Wheel And Castor