Add on kit to convert from 2 wheel Popular to Warehouseman

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Upgrade your existing old 2-wheeled Big Brute Popular to a Big Brute Warehouseman with the Front-Mounted Floor Brush Upgrade kit.


Upgrade your existing, really old Big Brute Popular to a Warehouseman.

If you’ve got a really old Big Brute Popular already and want to use it to clean large, dusty floors effortlessly, upgrade it to a Warehouseman with this Front-Mounted Floor Brush Kit.

The Big Brute Front-Mounted Floor Brush Kit fits to your existing Big Brute Popular’s 2-wheeled trolley with a little modification. It’s supplied with a 830mm length of standard 63mm-diameter Big Brute suction hose with rubber cuff ends to connect the floor brush up to the spigot on the front of your Big Brute’s drum.

Just lower the brush to the floor and push, cleaning and sucking as you go, without stirring dust up into the air.

The Warehouseman brush is fully adjustable and its self-levelling arms make sure it skims your floors perfectly. Suitable even for uneven concrete floors.


  • 1 off Warehouseman Front-Mounted Floor Brush
  • 1 off Trolley Frame Piece
  • 1 off 830mm length of standard 63mm-diamater dry Big Brute hose with rubber cuffs
  • Instruction booklet for fitting

Will this fit my Big Brute?

The Front-Mounted Floor Brush Upgrade Kit is suitable for any of the older Big Brute Populars that are mounted on 2-wheeled trolleys (this is the original type of Big Brute trolley with just 2 rear wheels and no castors on the front.)

The link hose supplied has rubber cuff ends that push-on, pull-off. It’s only suitable for Big Brute Populars with standard drum spigots. If your Big Brute Popular has cam-lock spigot and tools, get in touch, as we have an alternative kit for these models.

This kit will only fit a Big Brute Popular with 2-wheeled trolleys (i.e. just 2 rear wheels). If you have a newer Big Brute Popular with a 4-wheeled trolley (2 rear wheels and 2 front castors), have a look at the 4-Wheeled Warehouseman Brush Upgrade Kit.

Not suitable for wet-only Big Brute models.

Not suitable for the Big Brute Economy Vac. Have a look at the Economy Vac Front-Mounted Floorbrush Upgrade Kit.

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