Economy Vac warehouseman 28″ brush & Hose (860mm)

£367.00 + VAT

Clean large, dusty floors quickly and easily without stirring up dust with the Big Brute Economy Vac Front Floor Brush.


The Big Brute Economy Vac Front Floor Brush lets you clean large, dusty floors quickly and easily and without stirring up dust into the air.

The Front Brush fits quickly onto the front of your Big Brute Economy Vac and cuts a 710mm-wide swathe through the dust at walking pace.

The brush hugs the floor perfectly, following the contours and dips leaving even uneven floors clean and without that gritty feeling underfoot.

And because it doesn’t stir up dust, it’s far safer and more pleasant for your staff than brushing with a broom.

The short hose from the brush to the drum is also removable so you can switch to your normal suction hose and cleaning tools in an instant. You can use the Front Floor Brush to clean the floors and quickly switch to the hose to clean in, around and under machinery.

DIY kit for self-installation.

Will This Fit My Big Brute?

The Economy Vac Front-Mounted Floor Brush Upgrade Kit is suitable only for the Big Brute Economy Vac.

If you have a standard dry Big Brute mode (not an Economy Vac), have a look at the standard Front-Mounted Floor Brush Upgrade Kit.