Poultry Sheds cleaned up quicker with a Big Brute Vacuum Cleaner

May 13, 2013

The Big Brute Farm Vacuum Cleaners are the ideal vacuum cleaners for agricultural cleaning.

C & P Wilkinson of Ramsgrave, near Blackburn, Lancashire, are poultry farmers, primarily producing eggs.

Craig Wilkinson, the owner, was looking for a way to clean the chicken feathers, dust and feed spills from the floors of his sheds and under the birds’ enclosures.

Craig had tried sweeping, which just threw dust up into the air, and had even borrowed a leaf-blower, which just sent the dust and feathers everywhere.

On Craig’s farm, we demonstrated a Big Brute Popular Vacuum Cleaner with a Floor Wall and Ceiling Hand Tool Kit and two sections of suction hose, one 5m long and the other 10m long.

The Floor, Wall and Ceiling Kit includes a selection of hand tools and floor tools to clean all parts of a building, from the floors, up walls and racking and even reaching into rafters.

We recommended a 15m length of suction hose in two parts to give extra flexibility – for smaller areas, the 5m hose is easier to handle. For larger areas, or for reaching into confined spaces or up high, the two sections join together letting you reach further around your building without having to drag your vacuum cleaner round after you and with no loss of suction.

Craig found this especially useful as he can leave the Big Brute well away from the birds, reducing the noise levels while he cleans.

During the demonstration, it became obvious that build-up of static electricity was going to be a problem. We therefore recommended anti-static hose complete with earthing kits.

“The demonstrator was very helpful,” Craig told us. “He advised on the correct machine and equipment for the tasks required.”

The Big Brute Vacuum Cleaner has made cleaning up a quick and easy process for Craig: “It speeds cleaning up and it’s far less messy.”

Craig Wilkinson Cleaning His Poultry Sheds With A Big Brute Farm Vacuum Cleaner