How to Execute an Industrial Vacuum Maintenance Check, like the Big Brute Hoover

September 20, 2022

Like any machinery, an industrial vacuum will continue to function at its best if it’s properly maintained — and that means being aware of the potential issues that can arise and things to check for in your industrial hoover.

To help you get the best out of your Big Brute industrial vacuum cleaner, here’s an essential checklist for executing a maintenance check on your industrial vacuum cleaner. (We also have a full maintenance guide that can be downloaded from the website for the Big Brute, specifically).

1. Check the Drum

First of all, it’s essential to make sure that the drum of your Big Brute is in good condition. Or, has it picked up damage in the course of being used?

a) Remove the power unit from the top of the drum and then disconnect everything — suction hose, filters, waste bags etc. Dust, muck and rubbish may have accumulated inside the drum, so remove all that, too, before you begin your examination.

b) Once the drum’s empty, have a good look inside — especially around the bottom, looking for any holes in your drum. If there are any holes, it’s going to mean your Big Brute won’t be sucking as efficiently as it should.

c) The next place to check is the rim of the drum, where the power unit normally sits. If this is dented or misshapen, your Big Brute industrial hoover may not be able to form a perfectly airtight seal when the power unit is replaced. This is crucial to creating full suction, and therefore the machine’s effectiveness.

d) Check the spigot where you connect the suction hose. If it’s been bashed or dented, this can again compromise the airtight seal formed by the hose cuff when you attach the suction hose. This will also affect suction, making it harder to clean up.

2. Inspect the motor

Next, you need to check that the motors are working to full capacity — and the best way of doing this is to check the suction power. Note that this test will be carried out without the primary filter in place. In general, we don’t recommend this, as it the dust you suck up can damage the motors. However, the few moments you’ll be running it for, without sucking up dirt, shouldn’t cause any cause problems.

a) Place the power unit on top of the still-empty drum, with no filters or hose attached, and switch on the power.

b) Hold a thin strip of rag in front of the spigot (any old rag will do). If the suction is working properly, the Big Brute will be able to whip it out of your hand from up to twelve inches away. Otherwise, the rag will have to be closer — and the closer this is, the bigger the problem.

c) If the suction isn’t as strong as it should be, one of your motors may not be functioning properly.

3. Check your Filters

All the filters in your Big Brute industrial vacuum cleaner need to be checked regularly. This includes both the V39 Primary Filter (the round one that sits inside the top of the drum) and the V40 Secondary Filter (the square one attached to the bottom of the power unit). If you check them frequently, they should last a long time.

a) Remove the power unit and fit the V39 Primary Filter, then replace the power unit. Repeat the suction test you’ve just done, to make sure nothing in the filter is compromising the suction.

b) Repeat the process with the V40 Secondary Filter fitted.

c) This will alert you to any tears or holes in the filters, but loss of suction isn’t the only problem this causes. These tears and holes will also allow dust to get through into the motors, potentially damaging them, meaning it’s vital to replace any damaged filter straight away.

4. Don’t Forget the Hose

The hose can also develop holes or get blockages that will also reduce the suction power.

a) Connect the hose to the drum spigot and repeat the suction test. If your industrial hoover has passed the motor and filters tests, any problem with suction here will be down to the hose.

Suppose You Find a Problem?

Any problems shown up by these tests can mean that one or another component of your Big Brute industrial vacuum cleaner is operating less than satisfactorily — and it needs to be replaced as soon as possible. In doing so, you can continue to get the most out of your machine and making sure you can keep cleaning up quickly and safely.

At Michael Williams Engineering, we can provide any spares you might need, as well as help with any repairs required.

Call us on 01223 882222, or drop us a message through our website.

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