Big Brute Blake & Bull Case Study

December 14, 2021


Blake & Bull Ltd needed to streamline their Aga cleaning process for clients. They required a substantial industrial vacuum that could clean clients’ Agas with efficiency and to a high specification whilst also not being too cumbersome to carry around from property to property.  


As part of Blake & Bull’s service offering, the company clean and refurbish clients’ Agas. Almost any appliance can be brought back to an extremely high standard with Blake & Bull mini-refurbs – even ‘vintage’ models from the 1950s and earlier. 

Blake & Bull use a step by step process developed over many years. It combines elbow grease, tender loving care, the latest cleaning products, and special equipment to restore Agas back to like-new.  

Blake & Bull’s Aga Range Cooker Deep Cleaning Service is incredibly thorough: 

  • They remove baked-on carbon and grease from the front of the Aga range cooker. This includes the main panels, door surrounds, hinges and door fronts. 
  • They dismantle and clean the thermometer (if fitted). 
  • They remove baked-on carbon from the ‘lip’ at the very entrance of the ovens – this is a strip joint made of aluminium or stainless steel.  
  • They remove baked-on grease and carbon from the top of the Aga range cooker. This includes the main panels, lid hinges, lids, flue and rail. 
  • They remove all accumulated muck, grease and dust from within the lid handles. 
  • Finally, they remove and clean the hob rings, also cleaning beneath them.  


The requirement

Blake & Bull needed an industrial vacuum to help with the removal of food waste, metal, carbon, charcoal deposits, and old paint from agas.  

This debris can vary in size and shape, and can also include, lumps of dirt that are safer not to remove by hand.

Why the Big Brute was selected

Blake & Bull came to us with a very specific request. They needed a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner but it had to remain outside, preferably in their vans, while they snaked the long hoses into their customers’ houses. Whilst the Big Brute Popular seemed ideal, it was just too tall to fit into their vans. We, therefore, recommended a Big Brute essentially without a trolley consisting of a Big Brute Drum, with a removable spigot, and Power Unit to which the hoses and tools are attached.

This allows Blake & Bull to keep their Big Brute inside their vans at all times without the need to unload and reload them between jobs.  

A key component when Blake & Bull service an aga is the clearing out of the flue and inside the oven – for this they needed a long hoover nozzle. As the Big Brute has tremendous suction power it means you can attach very long suction hoses without losing suction. 

With 15 metres of hose, the Big Brute itself can be left outside the customer’s house, creating almost no dust in the kitchen.  

Blake & Bull also use the Big Brute’s tough disposable waste bags inside the drum, which take the dust from the oven directly into the bag. This makes it safer, and cleaner for the homeowner and operator. There’s no brushing involved which reduces breathing in the carbon deposits.  

When an Aga is being re-enamelled or converted, the Big Brute also sucks all the old insulation out of the Aga, quickly and without creating a mess. 


The Result

Blake & Bull have described the Big Brute on their blog as “The world’s biggest and most powerful vacuum cleaner.” 

Blake & Bull have received comments from clients who were impressed with the lack of dust after cleaning their Aga with a Big Brute, “We couldn’t be happier – it’s made such a difference and the colour is perfect! I didn’t believe it when you said no dust, but you were absolutely right. One VERY happy customer!” 

Blake & Bull have then gone on to buy another 3 identical Big Brutes for their vans. Matthew Bates, managing director at Blake & Bull, has been extremely happy with the after-sales service they received from Big Brute when they had to have a power unit replacement, there was a short 48-hour turnaround. 


Summary Outcome

Blake & Bull have a ‘Working clean’ policy centred around leaving customers’ homes clean and tidy. 

Among many other things, it means arranging toolboxes neatly, wearing a clean uniform every day and investing in “the world’s biggest vacuum” to keep everything dust-free.  

The Big Brute not only makes the Aga cleaning process safer it also makes it a lot less messy and labour intensive. 

Next steps  

Whatever the mess you are faced with, here at Big Brute our friendly sales consultants are ready to help you make the right choice – and one which will stand you in good stead for decades to come. So contact us today to discuss your vacuum cleaner requirements.

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