Cleaning Grain Stores with the Big Brute

May 4, 2023

Watch our video on cleaning your grain store

Every farmer knows the crucial measures that must be taken before harvests can be brought in. One of the key ones is to ensure that grain stores are in impeccable condition.

It’s a job that must be done thoroughly to ensure that grain stores are clean, dry, free from pests and leak-free.

However, the grain store cleaning process can sometimes be laborious and time-consuming, diverting resources that could be better utilised elsewhere.

The solution is to use a robust and dependable industrial vacuum cleaner such as the Big Brute. Watch our short video for more information or check out our blog on How to Clean Your Grain Store Effectively. or the earlier article on cleaning grain stores with a Big Brute Warehouseman Alternatively, you can read a real life case study on cleaning out the grain stores on the Wimpole Estate (who purchased a Big Brute Warehouseman to do the job effectively) or our article on cleaning out grain stores before the Australian harvest.