Why the Big Brute HEPA is the Perfect Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Your Kitchen Furniture Manufacturing Business

November 5, 2021

If you run a busy woodworking or joinery workshop, you’ll know the wood waste it produces can be hazardous. Wood dust is a respiratory hazard when it gets in the air and a fire hazard if left on the floor or caked on walls and light fittings. While it’s tempting to grab a broom to sweep it up or an airline to blow it away, we know the HSE doesn’t like all that dust floating around.

Fortunately, there’s a quicker, safer and more efficient way to collect up the dust, shavings and chips in your workshop: the Big Brute HEPA Industrial Vacuum Cleaner.


Big Power and Big Capacity

Like all our Big Brute industrial vacuum cleaners, the Big Brute HEPA has amazing suction power. Coupled with its long, wide-diameter hoses, it’ll suck up dust, wood shavings and chippings, without getting blocked or losing suction. Your cleaning will be done in a fraction of the time you would have needed to sweep and shovel everything up, all without stirring dust up into the air.

In addition to this, the Big Brute HEPA’s large size means you don’t have to empty it as often as smaller commercial vacuum cleaners – another time-saver!


Clean High, Low, Everywhere!

The Big Brute HEPA’s optional Floor, Wall and Ceiling Kit can clean every inch of your workshop from top to bottom:

  • Clean in and around machinery
  • Reach under racking and machinery
  • Reach up and clean caked-on dust from walls
  • Clean ledges, sills and light fittings

If you’ve also got wide-open floor spaces that need cleaning, the Big Brute HEPA Warehouseman, with its front-mounted floor brush, lets you clean these large floor areas quickly and safely, without brushing dust into the air.


The High Efficiency Particle Arrester (HEPA) filter

All our Big Brute industrial vacuum cleaners that handle dry waste have two separate fabric filters that trap dust inside the drum. The Big Brute HEPA is ideal for cleaning up wood dust because of its 3rd filter, certified to remove smaller particles of dust and debris. Thanks to this three-level filtration, you can be sure that the air coming out of your Big Brute HEPA is clean enough to satisfy the HSE.

Available in H13 or the extra-stringent H14 specification, the Big Brute HEPA gives you that extra level of purification that makes cleaning up wood dust far safer.


Do I Need An M- or H-Class Vacuum Cleaner?

You’ve probably heard that the HSE recommends an M- or H-Class vacuum cleaner for cleaning up wood dust. But what makes a vacuum cleaner an M- or H- class?

Firstly, it has to have a specific level of filtration. The Big Brute HEPA’s filtration capabilities far exceed this requirement, thanks to its certified HEPA filter. Secondly, you have to be able to empty it and change its filters without coming into contact with the dust you’ve sucked up. Is this a problem with the Big Brute? Not necessarily.

We recommend you chat with your health and safety adviser and draw up a risk assessment on emptying the Big Brute and changing its fabric filter. If you can show the HSE you’ve considered these risks involved and have measures in place to reduce them as far as practicable, they’ll recognise this. And they’ll certainly agree that the Big Brute HEPA, even though it’s not M- or H-Class, is far safer than cleaning up with a broom and airline. If this satisfies your own local H&S requirements, then the Big Brute HEPA is good to go!


Tailor your Big Brute HEPA Just for You

Like all our Big Brute industrial vacuum cleaners, you can tailor your Big Brute HEPA to your exact requirements. You can customise features including:

  • Power unit voltage – 230V or 110V
  • HEPA filter specification – H13 or H14
  • Trolley type
  • Length of the dry suction hose  – from 5m to 15m
  • A wide range of drum options to suit your needs – such as a removable spigot to make it easy to empty waste bags without snagging, or a filter shaker to clean your filters quickly and easily.

No matter your requirements, we can put together a specification that’s perfect for your workshop.


Take The First Steps to A Cleaner, Safer Woodworking Workshop

If the HSE has visited and frowned upon sweeping up with a broom, that’s a huge reason to consider a Big Brute for your workplace. Not only is it perfect for the job, it’s fully customisable and cost-effective.

On the other hand, if the HSE hasn’t been in to visit your workshop, you’re better prepared to avoid an improvement notice about sweeping with a broom or using the airline. The Big Brute HEPA can help you get your woodworking workshop cleaner, safer and far more pleasant for your staff to work in, quickly and efficiently.


So, if you’re looking for a powerful and cost-effective industrial vacuum cleaner to keep your workspace tidy and free from dust over the years, get in touch with our sales team on 01223 88 22 22 or via our contact form.

If you’d like to customise your Big Brute, be sure to visit our website and start putting together your own tailored Big Brute HEPA or Big Brute HEPA Warehouseman. We look forward to helping you to a cleaner, safer woodworking workshop.