We’ve Gained Made in Britain Accreditation

July 4, 2020

We’ve gained Made in Britain accreditation for our Big Brute industrial vacuum cleaners and Bangalore agricultural bird scarers.

All our products are made in Britain in our factory outside Cambridge. We also export to many countries around the world. We have distributors throughout Europe, including France, Denmark and the Czech Republic. We also export to the rest of the world, to the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

James Williams, Director, said “Since we started in 1974 as a company, we’ve designed and made all our products in Britain. It’s something that our customers in the UK feel strongly about. They like the fact they’re buying a product that’s British-made”

“And because we design and make all our own products, we’re also able to support them all, no matter how old.”

Watch out for the Made in Britain mark that we’ll be rolling out across our product range.

Find out more about Made in Britain accreditation.

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