Warehouseman Versions

June 12, 2021

Did you know that many of our Big Brutes also come in Warehouseman versions?

The Big Brute Warehouseman is one of our best-selling Big Brute models. Its wide, front-mounted floor brush skims the ground as you push, sucking and sweeping as you go.

It quickly cleans large floor areas without stirring dust up into the air, leaving your floors really clean, with none of that horrible, gritty feeling left underfoot.

Because it’s such a popular model, many of our other Big Brutes also come in a Warehouseman version, with either a front-mounted floor brush on our Dry Models, or a front-mounted floor squeegee on our Wet & Dry or Wet Only models.

Our Big Brute HEPA, for example, is available in a Warehouseman version, as well as the standard version.

The Big Brute HEPA Warehouseman not only has the exceptional filtration that the HEPA filter provides, but also gets large workshop floors clean quickly, without stirring up dust into the air.

So ditch that broom that the HSE hates you using, and get your premises really clean with a Big Brute HEPA Warehouseman.

Big Brute HEPA Warehouseman With Front Brush