The secret recipe behind Big Brute industrial vacuums

November 29, 2022

The Big Brute has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the best industrial vacuums you can buy. But what features make this legendary industrial vacuum so popular?

We cover the basics in our introduction to Big Brute vacuum cleaners, so you can check out that article first. But for the recipe behind the Big Brute and what makes it so special compared to others on the market, take a look below as we reveal some of our secrets…

Adaptable for all conditions

Originally developed for use in the agricultural sector, the first Big Brutes were designed with huge capacity and enormous power to clean large grain stores. The result was a big, powerful vacuum cleaner with long hoses, letting you clean quickly and easily, even into the most difficult-to-reach places.

Today, the Big Brute’s massive suction power, extra-long hoses, and huge capacity make vacuuming all kinds of materials in almost any industrial environment a doddle. In fact, we have the perfect vacuum cleaning solution for the vast majority of industrial requirements. Even when we are presented with a very specific problem, we are able to come up with a custom Big Brute vacuum setup which meets the customer’s exacting needs.

Ready for all types of clean up jobs and applications

There are Big Brute models that suck up wet waste, dry waste and all manner of muck:

For cleaning up dry waste such as dust, dirt, gravel, grit, grain, pebbles, and building debris, the Big Brute Popular and Warehouseman industrial vacuums with their choice of add-on accessories are a great entry point.

For getting rid of wet or liquid waste, again you have a choice of Big Brutes available to deal with all consistencies and kinds of sludge, oil, coolants, water, spills etc, including any liquids you want to collect for either safe disposal or recycling.

If you want the convenience of a Big Brute that handle both wet and dry waste, the Big Brute Wet & Dry models offer the best of both worlds.

Reliability built-in

Reliability, dependability and robustness are all key ingredients in the ‘secret recipe’ of the Big Brute industrial vacuums. The fact that some original Big Brute vacuums sold and delivered in the 1980s are still in regular use today is proof of their reliability! Of course, at the heart of all our models are the powerful and reliable motors, and we cover all the main details about the Big Brute Power Units here.

We design and manufacture each Big Brute here in the UK ourselves from our premises near Cambridge. We know every part that goes into each Big Brute, down to the nuts, bolts and washers.

This means we can support and service your Big Brute for years to come with servicing, spares and accessories. Remember those Big Brutes from the 1980s? We can still support those to this day.

If you need support, parts or maintenance for your Big Brute, help is just a phone call or an email away.

UK-based rapid sales, delivery and support

The UK-based sales and support office makes it simple and straightforward for customers to speak to a Big Brute specialist, ready to answer questions, offer guidance and advice and listen to questions and queries.

Product development is also UK-based, meaning that requests for customisation and even suggestions for design refinements can be listened to and taken on board.  By listening to our customers, constantly innovating, and focusing on the quality build that Big Brute industrial vacuums is known for, customer satisfaction is always a priority.

Reduced manual labour

No matter what sector you operate in, if you need to clean up a mess, the Big Brute industrial vacuum simply gets the job done and makes light work of it.

The Big Brute is used across a huge range of sectors from warehousing to farming to construction and carpentry – and many others. It takes care of waste fast that would otherwise take hours to clear manually, and doing a better job.

Custom options and accessories for every job

The Big Brute isn’t a one trick pony. It can be adapted to multiple uses, clearing wet and dry waste, particles of all sizes from dust to debris and customised with a massive range of options and accessories.

You can customise your Big Brute according to its intended use with different add-on tools to ensure fits your specific needs.

Increased efficiency

The Big Brute will make you, your staff and your business more efficient, saving time with the right tools for the job.

With over 40 years of experience design and manufacture experience behind it, the Big Brute has been refined into a lean mean vacuum machine which is up to any job.

Keep your spaces clean once more

Put all these ingredients together and it’s a recipe for an industrial vacuum that’s powerful, reliable, super-efficient, easily maintainable, versatile and durable in a range of conditions.

The Big Brute industrial vacuum is designed to help you make light work of cleaning up today and into the future. Find the perfect Big Brute vacuum cleaner to suit your needs or contact us with your queries to find out more about the Big Brute range.