Start the Year with a Clean Slate

January 20, 2022

A new year is a great time for a fresh start. So how about kicking it off with a workplace clean-up by getting rid of all the old dust, dirt, shavings and other particles that have accumulated and could pose potentially serious risks?

To start with your ‘clean slate’, what better tool for this job than an industrial HEPA vacuum cleaner? In this article we offer you some advice on what to look for when sourcing an industrial vacuum to clean up your workshop, warehouse or workplace.

If you haven’t yet considered the benefits of a HEPA vacuum, this might be your route to a safer workplace as well as a faster and easier way of cleaning up dust and debris.

1. Get hold of an industrial vacuum that’s purpose built for the job

Not all vacuums are up to the job of clearing up workplaces with large amounts of small particle waste, such as dust.

But some are. The Big Brute was purpose designed and built as an industrial vacuum cleaner with big, powerful motors, long hoses to extend into hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, and the suction strength to clean up every last particle of dust.

2. Make sure your vacuum has HEPA filtration

Dust particles are thrown up into the air by sweeping or blown back out into the air by cheaper vacuum cleaners with less efficient filtration.

Industrial vacuums with a HEPA filter such as the Big Brute HEPA Warehouseman are ideal for environments where smaller dust particles are a concern.

Because it’s equipped with HEPA filtration, the Big Brute Warehouseman not only excels at cleaning up dry, solid waste and dust from workshop floors, surfaces and machinery, but offers superior levels of filtration to keep the air you breathe cleaner and safer

3. Need your industrial HEPA vacuum cleaner delivered fast?

Because our Big Brute industrial vacuum cleaners are designed and made in Britain, we don’t rely on machine parts or components sourced overseas – we can make your Big Brute quickly.

All our Big Brutes are assembled quickly from our huge range of stock parts to your specific requirements at our factory in the UK and dispatched within a few days.

4. Understand why HEPA filtration is so important

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particle Arrester.

If you want to clean up waste where you need extra-high filtration, consider an industrial vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.

The Big Brute’s HEPA has 3 stages of filtration. After passing through 2 fabric filters, the air passes through the final HEPA filter cartridge contained in a protective casing located on the Big Brute. The filtered air returned to the atmosphere contains fewer of the smaller particles, creating a cleaner, safer workplace for you and your employees.

5. Only source certificated industrial vacuum products

If you want assurance that your industrial vacuum is really going to keep you safe from the dangers of harmful, breathable dust particles, you need to know your machine is certified for conformance.

The HEPA filter of each Big Brute HEPA Warehouseman industrial vacuum cleaner is tested independently and comes with a certificate of conformance.

6. Know what’s included

The Big Brute HEPA Warehouseman is specifically designed to save you hours of manual sweeping and will help you clean your workplace professionally, efficiently – and safely.

Included with your Big Brute Warehouseman are:

  • 3 powerful 1.2kW motors
  • 2 dry fabric filters plus certified HEPA filter
  • 1-meter long Ø63mm aluminium scraper
  • 63mm diameter hose with curved steel ends and rubber couplers
  • 10m long cable with plug
  • 710mm wide fully adjustable front-mounted floor brush
  • 180-litre capacity
  • Heavy-duty inlet spigot.

The Big Brute also offers a range of trolley options making it easier to move and empty with a forklift when full, without manual handling.

Why Big Brute

The Big Brute industrial vacuum cleaners were originally developed in the 1980s to clean up grain stores, removing waste and dust from the last crop before bringing in the new harvest.

At the time, the only other way of cleaning out grain stores was with a dustpan and brush or a traditional domestic hoover!

As one of the world’s original, purpose designed industrial vacuum cleaners, the Big Brute is built in the UK and now sold and shipped around the world, supported by a skilled team of engineers and support technicians, as well as a comprehensive spare parts programme.

Next Steps

For quality industrial vacuum filtration and power you can trust, choose a Big Brute HEPA or Economy Vac HEPA today by calling our team on 01223 88 22 22 or simply place your order through our website.

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