Sandblaster Amazed By Big Brute Power

March 5, 2014

Mick Delahunty from Horetown, Co Wexford discovered the Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners when looking for a powerful industrial vacuum on YouTube.  He found a video demonstration of a Big Brute recovering shot and called the Irish distributor of Big Brute vacuums.

Mick, who specialises in shot blasting truck trailers and agricultural machinery, spoke to us. We recommended the 230V Big Brute Popular with an Interceptor Lid, Floor Wall & Ceiling Tool Kit and an Extra Large Filter.

Mick had been using a brush, shovel, and wheel barrow, along with a magnetic sweeper, and was looking for something more effective and efficient to recover shot. Even with the magnetic sweeper, there was always a lot of shot left in gullies and particularly inside wheels and mulchers.

Mick had his own barrel rotator so figured the easiest and cheapest way to get started was to fill his own drums using the Interceptor Lid with the Big Brute.

A week after Mick took delivery of his Big Brute he called us to say how delighted he was with his purchase. He was expecting great things having seen the demonstration, but the power of the Big Brute vacuum surpassed his expectations.  Also the versatility and portability have proven to be excellent.  Mick has now reduced the time spent clearing up from a 3rd of his working day to 1 hour per day using his Big Brute!

He now has a 100% recovery rate of shot as using the tool kit he can gather shot from places that were previously inaccessible. Before, in bad weather, Mick would have used glass or sand instead of shot and taken the hit on the extra expense; but now it’s shot every time.

Mick says the Big Brute has really improved his working life: “With the Big Brute I have reduced costs in so many ways: I have reduced the time I spend clearing up, allowing more time for productivity, I have been able to do away with the expense of a person to clear up after me on bigger jobs.”

“In the morning, I’m coming into a cleaner, healthier working environment as sweeping used to fill the air with dust and dirt.”

“The Big Brute is simply a brilliant industrial vacuum that’s sturdy and well put together and will have paid for itself within a month.”

For more information on Mick Delahunty’s Big Brute Popular Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, please contact us.

Big Brute Popular Industrial Vacuum Cleaner