Straight Rafta Suction Tool 38mm

£99.00 + VAT

Use the Rafter Blaster Suction Tool to suck up dirt and debris from high-up rafters and roof-spaces.


Make it easy to clean rafters and roof-spaces with the Rafter Blaster Suction Tool.

The Rafter Blaster Suction Tool is specially angled to suck up dust, dirt and debris from your rafters from above.

Either work safely from height (we find our customers often use a dedicated forklift cage) or connect up your Rafter Blaster Suction Tool to 2 or more V28 Alumimium Extension Tubes (as supplied with the Floor, Wall and Ceiling Toolkits, or available separately).

And if you fancy a more all-out-attack on your rafters, have a look at the Rafter Blaster Blow Tool which makes it easy to blast dust, dirt and debris directly from the rafters of your building with your Big Brute Suck & Blow Power Unit.

Use your extension tubes from the Floor, Wall and Ceiling Kit to clean up afterwards.