HEPA Gauge Kit

£359.00 + VAT

The Big Brute HEPA Gauge Kit lets you know when it’s time to change the HEPA cartridge on your Big Brute HEPA or Big Brute Economy Vac HEPA.

Can be fitted at the time of purchase, or retrospectively fitted to your existing Big Brute HEPA.


The Big Brute HEPA Gauge Kit takes the guessing out of when to replace the HEPA cartridge on your Big Brute HEPA Industrial Vacuum Cleaner.

The HEPA Gauge kit can be fitted to any Big Brute HEPA either at the time of purchase or retrospectively.

The HEPA Gauge constantly monitors the pressure difference before and after your HEPA cartridge. As you use your Big Brute HEPA, the pressure difference goes up over time as your HEPA cartridge does more and more work. When it reaches 500 Pa, it’s time to replace your HEPA cartridge, ensuring you and your colleagues are kept safe whilst maintaining good suction.

Pre-fitted if ordering a new machine, or supplied as an easy to fit kit with full instructions for retrospective fitting.