230V Big Brute 20m Extension Lead with 16A Plug (M) to 16A Socket (F)

£112.00 + VAT

Official Big Brute 20m extension lead for 230V Big Brutes.


For when the Big Brute’s long, 10m power cable isn’t quite long enough, this 20m extension lead can help.

We don’t recommend using standard extension cables with a Big Brute – the core diameter is too small to safely handle the currents required which can cause dangerous overheating of the cable.

If you find  you need that extra length to reach your socket, use an official Big Brute extension lead.

This lead has 20m of 2.5mm2 core-diameter cable that can safely cope with the currents the Big Brute can pull without the fear of overheating.

It has a male 16A plug on one end and a female 16A socket on the other. Suitable for 230V Big Brutes.