10m Polyurethane Flexible Hose for Big Brutes

£368.00 + VAT

10m Polyurethane flexible suction hose for Wet & Dry and Wet Only Big Brutes.

Complete with ends, ready to connect up to your Big Brute drum and Scraper Tool.


Has someone run over your Big Brute hose with a forklift?

Treat yourself to a replacement length of hose to remind yourself what your Big Brute was like when you first got it.

This 10m length of Polyurethane Flexible Suction Hose is of the type supplied with all Wet & Dry and Wet Only Big Brute models.

It’s pre-fitted with steel bend end-couplers which push straight onto your Big Brute drum and onto your Big Brute Scraper Tool.

10m length.