Need to clean large floor areas? Thank a potato farmer!

May 12, 2016

Back in the early 1980s, Michael Williams was demonstrating a Big Brute at a potato farm. In those days, the original Big Brutes had a 2-wheeled trolley and a selection of floor cleaning tools.

The farmer asked if there was an attachment to clean the vast floor of his potato store which was covered in a layer of very fine dust.

So began our tradition of listening to what our customers wanted and developing new products for them.

Firstly, we needed a 4-wheeled trolley that could be pushed along. Since we don’t buy in ready-made vacuum cleaners from afar, we were able to design this ourselves and made the prototypes in our factory.

We then sourced a wide floor brush to bolt to the front of the trolley. The Big Brute Warehouseman was born.

The new front brush proved to be very popular, and in those days keeping up with demand was the biggest problem.

Our next biggest problem was it was just too good! The Big Brute Warehouseman tended to be used mainly for sucking up dusts that get ground up on the floors. These fine dusts were blinding the primary filters long before the drum was full.

We therefore designed the Extra-Large Filter to enhance the Big Brute Warehouseman’s performance when cleaning large floor areas.

The original moulded plastic front brush we originally sourced was used until the early 2000s, when the new steel brush was designed.

It was bigger, which allowed more air through it, further improving the performance.

And its steel construction meant it was stronger and more durable. This is the front brush we’re still using today.

And, as with all our Big Brutes, the new brush is still manufactured in our Cambridge factory.

Here are just some of the things our customers love about the Big Brute Warehouseman:

  • It cuts through dust at walking pace
  • It throws no dust up into the air
  • It leaves your floors really clean – you don’t have the gritty feeling underfoot afterwards
  • It copes with uneven floors beautifully
  • The front brush doesn’t bend or snap – it puts up with a lot
  • The Warehouseman Wet model, with its front-mounted squeegee, takes floors to a dry-to-the-touch state in just one pass

Do you have large floor areas to clean? Want to clean them quickly, effortlessly and without throwing dust up into the air?
See how the Big Brute Warehouseman can help.

Big Brute Warehouseman Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning A Dusty Floor