Java Republic Coffee Roastery Kept Pristine by Big Brute Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

September 6, 2017

Java Republic is the world’s first carbon-neutral coffee roasting company. Founded in 1999, Java Republic set out with the aim of producing superior hand-roasted coffee ethically.

Java Republic has been supplying Ireland’s leading restaurants, coffee houses and boutique hotels with premium, ethical coffees, speciality teas and real hot chocolate for the past 14 years.

Colin Mulrooney, then production manager at Java Republic, discovered the Big Brute Industrial Vacuums website. After watching an online demonstration he arranged a meeting with us to discuss his options.

Colin showed us around their custom-built, state-of-the-art roastery at Ballycoolin, Dublin. There is a glass wall between the roastery and the cafe where you can watch the coffee roasting process while you enjoy an excellent cup of coffee.

It’s essential that the roastery is kept pristine. Colin explained that when moving around sacks of coffee beans and in the roasting process a lot of fine dust is created, so a powerful vacuum was needed to clean the large floor area of all dust.

Also, when the coffee beans have been roasted the shells are dispensed into a chamber where they are water cooled. This chamber was being emptied manually which was warm, damp work.

By recommending a Big Brute Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with a Wet & Dry Tool Kit, we were able to supply a vacuum capable of doing both these jobs.

The 63mm diameter hose and gulper tool combined with incredible suction power of the 3 motors allows the chamber to be emptied of shells in seconds; while using the floor brush from the tool kit and the massive capacity of the drum means less time emptying the vacuum and faster cleaning.

“Buying the Big Brute Wet & Dry has been a huge benefit to the staff at the roastery as cleaning is now a much easier and faster job,” Colin said, “which saves us both time and money”.

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