Reflecting on 2023 with Big Brute: Innovations and Insights in Industrial Vacuum Cleaning

December 7, 2023

A Year of Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Evolution

Here at Michael Williams Engineering, home of the Big Brute industrial vacuum cleaner, we see our role not just as your provider of industrial vacuum cleaner products and accessories, but also as your source of information about maintaining high standards and efficiency in cleaning up a wide range of challenging industrial environments.

This summary blog reviews some of the insights from articles we’ve published on our website through 2023, covering topics such as how an industrial vacuum cleaner can enhance workplace safety and efficiency, how to choose the right industrial vacuum cleaner for your needs, practical cleaning tips for various parts of farms and agricultural environments, to the oddest messes sucked up by the Big Brute.

In our final word, we look ahead to explore what challenges and issues might lie ahead in industrial vacuum cleaning in 2024.

Using Industrial Vacuum Cleaning in Agricultural Settings

During 2023, we wrote about effective agricultural cleaning strategies using Big Brute vacuum cleaners. In June, we explored how the Big Brute can make light work of farm jobs by saving you time. It highlights examples of jobs in agriculture where a Big Brute improves efficiency.

In May, we posted a video that explained how cleaning grain stores with the Big Brute can be so much more efficient, while in March we provided a step-by-step guide to cleaning your poultry shed, explaining how the Big Brute can assist.

Cleaning Up Construction Sites

Earlier in the year, we discussed how using an industrial vacuum to spring clean your construction site can save time and effort.

The beauty of the Big Brute on construction sites is its rugged versatility, with tasks ranging from cleaning up wood chips and shavings to builder’s cement to all manner of construction debris like waste screws and nails being easy meat.

The Oddest Messes Cleaned up By a Big Brute

For a bit more of a light-hearted blog, we produced a round up of the various slightly more unexpected and unusual types of waste materials that the Big Brute has sucked up over the years, wet, dry or both.

These included such wide-ranging examples as dead fish, human ashes and nuclear waste.


It demonstrated the Big Brute’s versatility and demonstrated how it can be used to clean up just about anything, and suck up waste even if it isn’t explicitly stated on our website!

How An Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Can Enhance Workplace Safety and Efficiency.

Our August blog explained how industrial vacuum cleaners like the Big Brute can improve workplace safety, employee health and general efficiency.

As well as talking about the obvious issues such as minimising the amount of dust and small debris particles, this article explored aspects of time and labour saving, versatility and adaptability and ergonomics.

How To Choose the Right Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Your Needs

For those with a range of cleaning requirements who aren’t sure what they need in an industrial vacuum cleaner, our mid-summer blog explained the features and functions to look for based on their industry and specific requirements.

Features and capabilities such as filtration, suction power, range of spares and accessories, durability and build quality as well as drum capacity all feature in the list of key actors to consider.

Wider Trends in Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Technology for 2024

Industrial vacuum cleaner technology, just as across other sectors, environmental concerns, technological advancements, and efficiency play a crucial role in shaping best practices. Three areas for businesses to be aware of are likely to be:

Adherence to Environmental Standards

Environmental sustainability will continue to be a significant issue. Companies will be aiming to adapt to stricter environmental regulations and client expectations for eco-friendly practices.

This includes the use of efficient, long-lasting, reliable and durable equipment like the Big Brute, which demonstrates a commitment to environmental matters.

Health and Safety Standards

The emphasis on health and safety standards in agricultural and industrial environments will remain high.

Industrial vacuum cleaners like the Big Brute will continue to promote high levels of cleaning efficiency and safety, particularly in areas with challenging waste materials.

Final Word

On behalf of all of us at Michael Williams and the Big Brute team, we would like to thank you for your business and interest during 2023. We wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New and a successful 2024.


We know you’ll find a Big Brute a great tool to help you maintain a clean and safe working environment and conditions for your staff.

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