Looking for Industrial Hoovers?

Try a Big Brute

Looking for industrial hoovers? Try the Big Brute range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners!

Big Brute "Hoovers"

If you’re looking for industrial vacuum cleaners (sometimes called “industrial hoovers”), have a look at the Big Brute range.

All Big Brute models offer no-nonsense cleaning in industry and agriculture.


What can Big Brute Hoovers do for you?

  • Spend more time cleaning and less time emptying
  • Get right down into deep pits and crevices without having to take your industrial hoover with you
  • Empty wastes safely and easily without endangering your staff
  • Clear up both solids and liquids

Big Brute 'Popular' Industrial Hoover - A Best Selling Model

What do you want to suck up?

Big Brute Hoovers for Dry Waste

If you're looking to suck up dry waste, such as dust, grit, small lumps, dry sand, grain, pellets or granules, have a look at the extensive range of Dry Big Brutes.

Big Brute Hoovers for Wet and Dry Waste

If you want to clean up dry waste but also want your Big Brute to tackle wet waste, such as water, coolants or sludge, the Wet & Dry range of Big Brutes are excellent all-rounders.

Big Brute Hoovers for Liquid Waste Only

If you're just looking to clean up liquid waste, our Wet Only Big Brute range is for you. Ideal for water and sludge removal or recovering oils and coolants for recycling.

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If you're in need of industrial hoovers, find out more about what the Big Brutes can do for you.

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Don't buy an industrial hoover until you've seen what the Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners can do for you!

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Don’t buy an industrial hoover until you’ve seen what the Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners can do for you!