HST Feeds go for Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners yet again

May 4, 2012

HST Feeds Ltd of Crewe, UK, purchased two Big Brute Popular Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.

Fifteen years later, Craig Rogers, the Operations Manager of HST Feeds Ltd, placed an order with us for 2 Big Brute Skip Tip Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.

We were delighted that Craig chose Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners once again and we asked why he’d not only chosen Big Brutes, but why he’d chosen the Big Brute Skip Tip model in particular.

Craig’s reply was straight to the point. “We’ve been very pleased with the old machines – we’ve certainly given them some stick over the years.”

“So when the time came for replacements, I went onto your website and saw all the working demonstrations. The Skip Tip model particularly appealed as it answered all our Health & Safety requirements: ease of movement and no heavy lifting to empty the machine.”

“It also combines everything necessary to maintain the housekeeping standards in our animal feed mill.”

“The demo videos were great. They enabled us to make a group decision by simply comparing the different models in action.”

Find out more about the Big Brute Popular Industrial Vacuum Cleaners that kept Craig’s animal feed plant clean for so many years and the Big Brute Skip Tips that are now helping HST Feeds Ltd. Or watch an online demo of the Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.

Craig Rogers Operations Manager Of HST Feeds Ltd Crewe With One Of His New Big Brute Skip Tip Industrial Vacuum Cleaners