How to use an industrial vacuum to spring clean your construction site

March 20, 2023

If your construction site needs a bit of a clean-up, the improving weather of Spring can often be a great opportunity to do it.

Throughout construction projects, various kinds of mess and rubbish build up, including grit, liquids and more.

It’s not uncommon for this type of waste to be left to gather, without an immediate plan to clean it up. However, leaving waste and mess to build up on a construction site can lead to a whole range of problems including unsafe work conditions.

To make the clean-up process easier and faster, an industrial vacuum cleaner is a great solution. Keep reading as we discuss what should be on your construction site spring-cleaning checklist and explain how an industrial vacuum cleaner like a Big Brute can streamline the process.

Wood Chippings

Wood chippings can be found on most construction sites.

The problem is that traditional methods such as a dustpan and broom or brush can’t solve the problem safely as they throw dust up into the air, which everyone can breathe in. It also takes a lot of time and energy and doesn’t even leave the place that clean afterwards.

That’s where the Big Brute comes in. It has incredibly powerful suction power, and the HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arrester) models are particularly suitable for dust and wood chippings. The Big Brute HEPA uses 2 stages of standard felt filters to progressively remove particles from air passing through it.

Filtered air next passes through a large capacity HEPA filter which removes finer particles before being expelled. You can be sure that the filtered air contains far fewer dangerous particles.

Builder’s dust from cement floors

No matter how careful builders are, cement dust is always a biproduct of building and construction sites. Similar to cleaning up wood chippings, a broom or dustpan and brush can do the job – just not as quickly, efficiently and safely as a vacuum that’s specifically designed for the job.

An industrial vacuum cleaner can make short work of collecting dust. Some, like the options available with the Big Brute, including HEPA filtration.

Construction debris

Another common form of construction site waste is the debris in the form of chunks of brick, stone and mortar. Workers moving around a project site don’t need extra hazards to make life difficult, and chunks of solid waste may cause a trip hazard resulting in twisted ankles or other injuries.

So, it’s sensible to dispose of any debris that is piling up both for safety reasons and to improve efficiency.

Industrial vacuums like the Big Brutes not only have tremendous suction power, but also have longer and wider hoses to cope with small chunks of brick or mortar. This makes them ideal for cleaning up construction debris effectively, wherever it may lie.

Dirt on tiles and floorboards

Safety boots are common practice on construction sites to keep workers protected, but deep treads can present a problem: dirt can be carried in from outside and on to new tiles and floorboards, often being trodden in and compacted onto the floor and creating stains.

You could use a mop, water and elbow grease to remove dirt ingrained into the floor surfaces, but a powerful industrial vacuum like the Big Brute can do the job much more quickly and efficiently.

Discarded nails and screws

It’s common to find bent nails and screws scattered around a building site. These sharp and dangerous items can potentially cause injuries if not dealt with, so they should be on all construction site spring-cleaning checklists.

Cleaning up discarded nails and screws can be a tedious task unless you have the right equipment to do it. The versatile Big Brute range of industrial vacuums make quick work of cleaning up sharp, metallic items such as nails and screws, so they don’t cause any problems.

Liquid waste

Spillages or water ingression can be commonplace on construction sites. They can cause damage or be a health and safety hazard if left.

Make cleaning easy for yourselves, with an industrial vacuum cleaner such as the Big Brute Wet and Dry range which can suck up liquid waste just as easily as they can solid waste.

They don’t just handle small puddles though; larger quantities (gallons) of liquid can be sucked up by the Big Brute Wet & Dry models and removed from site for safe disposal elsewhere.

Filters and air vents

Dust from construction work can potentially cover or block air vents and filters, causing problems for the vent and affecting air flow within the site, as well as becoming an eye-sore for everyone else.

Like all electrical equipment with moving parts, an air vent or air conditioning unit may be delicate, so care needs to be taken when cleaning.

Using a Big Brute industrial vacuum with extra attachments to reach the vent and get inside it will clear most if not all the dirt collecting there – though do make sure to cut off the electrical supply to the unit before using the vacuum on it.

Simplify your construction site clean-up process!

Dry and wet industrial waste can cause a headache for those in charge of keep a construction site clear. However, there is a solution: Big Brute. Our vacuum cleaners are designed for power and versatility to make quick work of all kinds of mess around construction sites.

We understand that every work environment and clean-up job is different; we can customise your Big Brute to create the perfect solution for your clean up needs.

Feel free to contact us today for more information.

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