Fine plasterboard dust cleaned up at USG Boral NSW

September 14, 2018

USG Boral are one of Australia’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of plasterboard-based wall and ceiling line systems in the country.

Large quantities of extremely fine dust and particles are created in the production process of plasterboards and cornice.

We were contacted by one of their New South Wales manufacturing sites for a heavy duty vacuum capable of cleaning up fine plaster particle material and stucco in their production areas.

With the Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner range in use at CSR Gyprock in Australia for the same application, we knew that the Big Brute range was more than capable of cleaning up large quantities of fine dusts and powders over long distances.

USG Boral are now having the ability of cleaning up to 30m away with our extra-long suction hose and emptying their fine dusts safely and easily with a forklift with our Big Brute Suck & Dump Industrial Vacuum Cleaner range.

Please contact us on 1300 441 281 Australia wide for further information on the Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner range for heavy duty industrial cleaning.


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