Fertilizer Plant Gets Results with Big Brute Popular Industrial Vacuum

March 6, 2013

Dennis Bleakley, the factory manager at Grassland Fertilizers in Slane, Co Meath has solved his cleaning problems by purchasing a Big Brute Popular Industrial Vacuum Cleaner.

Grassland Fertilizers enjoys a 25% share of the agricultural fertilizer market in Ireland, with an annual turnover of €100 million. They produce and distribute a comprehensive range of NPK & trace element fertilizers and granulated lime from 3 factories situated in Slane, Limerick and Cork.

Because of the nature of the products that they manufacture, the factory plant has to be regularly, and thoroughly, cleaned down to avoid oxidisation and corrosion.

Some areas around the plant are very inaccessible but the Big Brute Popular, with its Gulper Tool and the optional Hand Wall & Ceiling Tool Kit, makes cleaning a hassle-free job.

Dennis said “Before we purchased the Big Brute Popular we were using a blower to clean down the plant; this was not an effective way to clean, as it always left dust behind and this is exactly the problem we needed to solve to avoid corrosion. The Big Brute Popular is invaluable in keeping the plant properly clean.”

Big Brute Popular Industrial Vacuum Cleaner